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New Search Ads Program Coming From MSN
Search Engine Watch Forums

“MSN is expected to announce details this week of a new search ads PPC program of its own. Learn more and contribute news here.”

Microsoft Search Advertisers Gets too Personal
Search Engine Watch Forums

“There is a limit to what consumers will accept, and if the Marketing world wants statistics, we need to be understanding of how far is too far, and not push the envelope too far and suffer a backlash.”

Adsense – How Much Do You Earn?
Webmaster World

“…we are now allowed to disclose our gross earnings but not CTR [click through rate” and other stats. At last some much needed inspiration… who wants to go first?”

The Complete AdSense Terms & New Features Update
Webmaster World

“Plenty of changes this time: new payment options, new ad types (Ad Links), and lots of changes in the terms of service. …You can now tell the world how much your AdSense checks are…”

Why Does Yahoo Add Strange Query String to Pages Indexed?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I’m not running any sort of PPC [pay per click” or affiliate programs for the site. It’s a site I built and it only has backlinks coming from another site of mine. I’ve double checked the backlinks and they do not contain a query string, so I really do not understand why Yahoo is adding the strange query string.”

Click Fraud Check – How to Proceed?
High Rankings Forum

“…how can I identify a person surfing the site?”

Copyright Issue and Non-Paying Client
Virtual Promote Forum

“…the client decided that my work was not worth his time and cut all communication. Although I sent my invoices based on services done for the client and agreed upon by contract, the client did not respond and/or pay. [Do” any of you know how I could put pressure on the client so that he pays or remove all material from the two websites?”

Forms for SEO & Web Design Companies

“I have a few clients lined up and am looking for some type of “bid proposal” type of form to send them. They sent me an email asking for a proposal on their new site. Can anyone help me out?”

Google Gets a Taste of It’s Own Autolink Medicine
Cre8asite Forums

“…what a funny payback…”

Local Search Summarized: A Fascinating Lack of Data and Definition
Webmaster World

“As with any new marketplace, the constituents are lining up, all with their eye on the migrating local advertiser dollar. The marketplace is fragmented and best defined by innovation and change – hardly an environment with clear definitions and stable platforms.”

Checking the Intitle
High Rankings Forum

“What is the difference between the two commands: intitle:”keyword” intitle:keyword?”

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An Incredible Resource: The Gateway to Educational Materials
Harvard Crimson Mar 17 2005 6:25PM GMT
Harvard-Google Project Faces Copyright Woes
Harvard Crimson Mar 17 2005 6:24PM GMT
Yahoo pledges full Firefox compatibility
ZDNet UK Mar 17 2005 5:21PM GMT
Search engine marketing takes off (via Yahoo News) Mar 17 2005 5:17PM GMT
MSN Search May Be Google’s Biggest Threat
NewsFactor Network Mar 17 2005 5:11PM GMT
Internet search rivalry widens
San Francisco Chronicle Mar 17 2005 5:10PM GMT
Google’s X Files disappear
The Register Mar 17 2005 4:51PM GMT
Web tools blaze trail to the past
CNET Mar 17 2005 4:49PM GMT
Search Rank Easy to Manipulate
Wired News Mar 17 2005 4:47PM GMT
New Tech Buzz Game from Yahoo Research Labs
Search Engine Watch Mar 17 2005 4:45PM GMT
The answer man
CNET Mar 17 2005 4:44PM GMT
Google faces French competition
Reuters UK Mar 17 2005 4:36PM GMT
Microsoft’s Ballmer: Co Will Put Resources Behind Search
Dow Jones via iWon Mar 17 2005 12:13PM GMT
Google Loses French Trademark Appeal
AP Mar 16 2005 6:43PM GMT
AdSense Adds Ad Links, Payment Options & Updates TOS
Search Engine Round Table Mar 16 2005 6:26PM GMT

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