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Gates On Google : We WILL Catch Them!
Webmaster World

“[Search” has been integrated for years and despite this, Google and Yahoo have grown and survived. Integration alone won’t do it. This isn’t software, where it’s hard to switch from one app to another, losing money and learning time in the process. MSN Search needs to be BETTER than its competitors if it wants to draw people back in.”

Becoming an Authority
Cre8asite Forums

“I’m increasingly seeing more references to Localrank and Hilltop as the most likely factors regarding the new algorithm and these articles and reports back up my own research. I’d like to make perhaps some practical suggestions, or at least things to try out, for those affected by Florida/Austin.”

An “s” Makes This Much of A Difference?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve been testing for a few months over a wide range of terms and it appears as if Google may be using the invisible buttons that Danny talked about a while ago. Essentially, the search results will change depending on subtle semantics in the query. So, phrase matching SEO will only get you so far. The SERPs [search engine results pages” returned for a search phrase may not feature that phrase at all, rather, they contain terms that are semantically associated with the query by way of a pre-defined keyword set.”

Caissa – Cre8asite Example of the Year
Cre8asite Forums

“This is a success story, but more than that, this is a good example of how a small business can make the most use of a forum such as Cre8asite, and use it to make the most out of their business.”

Link Filters?
High Rankings Forum

“Interesting thing about backlinks I’ve noticed… When you have links coming from multiple pages on the same domain, they no longer seem to show up…”

Link Reputation Is King
Best Practices Forums

“If you study Google (and the other engines) in an in-depth way, you will quickly realize that Google cares MORE about what OTHER pages (AKA Link Reputation) have to say about YOUR page than what your page has to say about your page!”

How Much Text Is Ideal?
High Rankings Forum

“Have to disagree with you on the scrolling thing, though. As long as your copy is relevant and gives the reader what he/she wants scrolling is not a problem.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Create Your Own Online Web Page Archive
SearchDay, Feb. 12, 2004

Furl combines the best features of a bookmark manager and a weblog with your own, permanent online cache of web pages — and makes them searchable, to boot.

An Extreme Searcher’s Guide to the Best of the Web
SearchDay, Feb. 11, 2004

One of the world’s foremost super searchers has distilled his extensive and wide-ranging knowledge into an essential guide to the web’s highest quality resources.

Visualizing Paris, Barcelona and other Cities
SearchDay, Feb. 10, 2004

While local search in the U.S. has focused on providing basic business information, Wanadoo Maps has added a new twist to online yellow pages in Europe: photos of thousands of buildings in France and Spain.

Search Engine Watch 2003 Award Winners
SearchDay, Feb. 9, 2004

Search Engine Watch has released its annual list of outstanding web search services for 2003. Your favorite search engine is among them, but there were also some surprises and controversial predictions for the coming year.

Search Headlines

MSN stops selling pop-ups…
Netimperative Feb 13 2004 12:38PM GMT
Googlescape: Are we headed for Bubble II?…
CNET Feb 13 2004 12:03PM GMT
FTC Warns Against ‘No-Spam’ Copycat Site… Feb 13 2004 6:15AM GMT
Lycos Shifts Focus, Outsources Ad Duties… Feb 13 2004 6:15AM GMT
Search Propels Online Ad Growth… Feb 13 2004 6:15AM GMT
Google Bans Environmental Group’s Ads… Feb 13 2004 2:35AM GMT
Web publishers could be liable for libel Europe-wide… Feb 12 2004 1:54PM GMT
Spyware and its discontents…
CNET Feb 12 2004 12:03PM GMT
Bloggers threaten revolt after Google swaps standards…
ZDNet UK Feb 12 2004 9:22AM GMT
Soople Offers Several Different Google Interfaces…
Research Buzz Feb 12 2004 6:08AM GMT
The Evolution of a Search Engine Marketer…
High Rankings Feb 12 2004 4:09AM GMT
Google spurns RSS for rising blog format…
CNET Feb 12 2004 0:45AM GMT
Lycos restructures, cuts U.S. staff…
CNET Feb 11 2004 11:46PM GMT
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