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New Google Devaluation & Delisting of Pages
Cre8asite Forums

“Although I’ve run up against many Google penalties in the past, I’m seeing some odd new trends that I would love additional insight and input on.”

Is There A Google Sandbox?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yes I did say the sandbox doesn’t exist Dave. And I’ve said it at every session at every conference (dozens of them this year), since whichever ‘I don’t understand marketing’ nitwit came up with this half-baked theory about nothing, which never affects a well marketed business.”

Nielsen Says Search Engines are Leeches
Webmaster World

“The most interesting – and scary part – is he gets it that search engines are no longer about traffic – they are destinations instead of on ramps…”

Search Engine Leeches, Dependency & Losing Perspective
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Do you need to be search independent, or is it a matter of getting the balance right, not depending entirely on search but not ignoring that source of traffic, either.”

Repeatable, Undeniable AdSense Trend
Webmaster World

“When I look at an EPC [earnings per click” graph for my site from the time I started with AdSense to today, it looks normal… ups and downs. The magic happens when I make a graph with both clicks by day and epc. My EPC is right in synch with my Clicks per day… the higher my clicks go – the lower EPC goes… time and time again.”

How Far To Go When Linking Internally?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It seems that I have seen a few comments recently on various forums and blogs about taking internal linking ‘too far.’ According to at least one comment I saw (sorry can’t find it now), Google frowns upon ‘excessive’ internal linking.”

Do Designers Hate SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“In reality, designers really need to understand that search engines are like a third browser — and in fact a far more popular browser used by more people than using Firefox. They will spend tons of time making sure a site works for IE or Firefox, even Opera. But no time to make sure that the browsers of search engines are going to be OK with it?”

Profit by Impression / Profit by Click
Webmaster World

“The current success measurements for PPC Split Testing often do not take into account every factor that needs to be determined. Each metric only gives a portion of the story, they do not actually tell you the entire story.”

What’s Wrong With Today’s SEOs
High Rankings Forum

“What’s with the new generation of SEOs who want Google to do their job for them? They want Google to tell them everything. If you need Google to tell you how to SEO, what’s spam and what’s not, you are no kind of SEO at all, imo [in my opinion”.”

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Google Personalized Goes Mobile
Search Engine Watch Jan 12 2006 10:48PM GMT
Why Ad Agencies STILL Hate Search Engine Marketing
Media Post Jan 12 2006 10:46PM GMT
Search engines help drive online travel boom
Netimperative Jan 12 2006 10:44PM GMT
Whalen: Dropped off the Face of Google
Search Engine Guide Jan 12 2006 10:43PM GMT
Absolute Versus Relative Linking
Search Engine Guide Jan 12 2006 10:42PM GMT
Google Tests Local Ads on Maps
ClickZ Today Jan 12 2006 10:40PM GMT
The Great Firewall of China
Business Week Jan 12 2006 10:29PM GMT
Hitwise: Google Sends 11% of Retail Site Traffic in December Jan 12 2006 10:27PM GMT
AOL: Google Deal Will Boost Search
Media Post Jan 12 2006 10:27PM GMT
TailRank Gets Easier to Read
Scoblelizer Jan 12 2006 10:23PM GMT
Google Looks to Patent Mobile Click-to-call Ads
ClickZ Today Jan 12 2006 10:21PM GMT
BlackBerry gets Google-ized
CNET Jan 12 2006 10:16PM GMT
Microsoft, Yahoo Talk Search
eWeek Jan 12 2006 9:02PM GMT
AdWords Clicks in Europe Go to 500 Server Error Page?
Search Engine Round Table Jan 11 2006 8:44PM GMT
Google Analytics Partly Back Again
Google Blogoscoped Jan 11 2006 8:39PM GMT

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