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Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) Under Fire
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“…if [SEMPO’s director and board” feel they can appropriate membership funds into personal bank accounts, appoint new officers and apply policy decisions without ever having to consult with the membership, at any level – then it’s hardly democratic is it?”

Mike Grehan Stirs Up SEMPO Controversy
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As for Mike’s suggestion that the entire board resign, I’d suggest something more practical. First, I don’t think you want to lose your entire board all at once. But all the board members do have fixed terms. The board might want to consider moving those forward in stages, so over the coming year, voting might actually take place by the members and the whole ‘self-appointed’ issue would be resolved.”

What Does SEMPO Mean To You?
Cre8asite Forums

“SEMPO is in charge of their own destiny at this point. I can’t tell if they will adopt the transparency, democracy, and accountability that would make them an organization that people will join willingly. I’m not sure they know who they represent, exactly. That may be part of the problem.”

Overture to Launch Bid Management Tool
Webmaster World

“I guess it’s nice to see new features, but I’d much rather they quit segregating their broad match listings from their standard match listings. I was really hoping a little more of the Yahoo usability mojo would rub off on Overture after the acquisition.”

Google’s IPO Pricing
Search Engine Watch Forums

“… it seems odd to invest in anything that remains so tightly controlled by the inner circle. Dual-voting structure, etc. What are you getting for your money? Certainly not an equal vote or even the hope that institutional money could bring pressure on the company if it’s acting pig-headed.”

Could a Virus Shut down Google?
Cre8asite Forums

“The question isn’t ‘What would happen to Google?’ but ‘What would happen to Linux if a virus hit a site as large as Google is?’ or for that matter, ‘What would happen to Microsoft if a virus brought down MSN?'”

Search Engine Strategies Best of the Best (and Worst Dressed…)
Search Engine Watch Forums

“This has got to be one of the most absurd PR strategies I’ve seen, so hey- just for that reason, I’ve got to give it some ‘press time’ here…”

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