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SEW Expert - William Flaiz William

Would You Endorse this Web Site?
Think of link building as running for president of your SERPs. The candidate is your Web site, and you need all the support you can muster to get there. The right connections can provide the bump you need, and the wrong connections can prove calamitous.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris

SEO Reporting: Going Beyond Rankings
Enterprise-level SEO provides consistently outstanding ROI over the life of the project. One of the best ways to substantiate this is through ongoing reporting. But if you’re just tracking organic positions and nothing else, you’re doing a disservice to your clients.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Change How You Think About Your Life and Company
Even the smallest thing can make a big difference. Here are some very small things you can do make a difference and serve a cause greater than yourself. The links will come naturally.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

YouTube-ery: Online Videos as Learning and Marketing Tools
YouTube is user-generated content at its best…and worst. Everyone in the world with a video camera — or just a Web cam and microphone — can be part of the nebulous social monster that is YouTube. So what’s that mean for educators and marketers?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Yahoo is Planning Home Page Redesign
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008

Yahoo is planning an overhaul of their homepage design, and will open up to third party developers. The design will incorporate widgets, and Yahoo Music will open up to iTunes and Amazon. This continues a pattern of Yahoo opening up various products and services to third party developers. Earlier this year, …
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Microsoft Increases Mainline Ads on Live Search from 3 to 4
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008

AdCenter customers requested more clicks for their ads. Microsoft ran tests that found adding a fourth mainline ad (the ads that appear above the organic results) increased clicks. So, the Live Search team is implementing those changes, and advertisers should notice the change beginning today. The top 2 mainline ads will …
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Google Adds “My Location” Search Feature to Windows Mobile Devices
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008

Google has added the ability to search by a user’s location to mobile search on select Windows Mobile devices. The feature, dubbed “My Location” uses the Google Gears Geolocation API, which employs Cell ID Technology aka cellular triangulation. “My Location” will be available in the U.S. and U.K. initially and on …
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Live Search to Be Integrated with Blackberry Browser and Maps
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008

Microsoft and Research in Motion, the company behind the Blackberry, have announced a partnership regarding the smartphones and Live Search. Microsoft’s search product will be integrated with Blackberry Browser and Blackberry Maps. Users will also be able to access Live Search via â””This joint endeavor with RIM is a strategic …
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Online Video Advertising to Peak in 2012 Predicts eMarketer Report
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 12, 2008

According to a new report from eMarketer entitled, “Video Advertising Online: Spending and Pricing,” online video advertising will peak at 78.9% in 2012 — when “both traditional and alternative media companies will be distributing far more professional-quality video content online, and when the national elections and the summer Olympics …
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MIVA Unveils Plans for New Online Advertising Platform
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008

MIVA has announced plans to launch a new online advertising platform. The new platform will incorporate MIVA’s existing Pay-Per-Click solution and add online advertising formats for a more comprehensive offering. The platform will be launched through a phased roll-out. The first phase will be a beta release, expected in the fourth …
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Searching Rich Media at TechCrunch50
Posted by Mike Boland Sep 11, 2008

Video search has been a key topic at the TechCrunch50 show in San Francisco. Lots of newly launched companies presented (kind of like DEMO minus the payola). In a â””rich mediaâ”” grouping of companies, the proverbial challenge of making images and video searchable kept coming up. Presenting companies were ┢VideoSurf: video …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Get Hourly AdWords Conversion Data in Google Analytics Sep 11, 2008
Hi Everyone, I’ve recently been very frustrated with not having an AdWords report which can show hourly conversion data. I know this has been discussed here, and suggested to AdWords rep, so i think this is something that bugs a lot of AdWords power users. Today, I decided to implement …
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AdWords loves Microsites Sep 8, 2008
I’ve known this for ages of course, but was reminded recently when our company launched a new product and needed “fast online awareness”. The old process worked even better than I remembered.. 1) Register a domain name that contains the product name 2) Put up a 1pp website, product name in title …
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Succeeding in Content Network Sep 8, 2008
I’ve been successful in getting campaigns running profitably in the search network. Over the years with various clients I’ve tested the content network, and always found that it spends way too much and brings way too little revenue. Today I started a new test and I’d like to make it work …
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