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Hack Your Competition Out of Organic Search
Search Engine Watch Forums
“All the search engines have this problem with duplicate content caused by query strings, and yes, you can hack your competition off the page one SERPs [search engine results pages” using this technique, but I wouldn’t want to be caught doing this by the search engines…”

MSN And Yahoo Join Google With Sitemaps
Cre8asite Forums
“The feature I think really makes all the work behind it worth while is that you can tell the crawler exactly which URLs have changed (or are new), letting them crawl those first, instead of having to recrawl the whole site to find them.”

How Local Search And SEM Relates
Small Business Ideas Forum
“I’m aware, to a degree, of a number of offline channels but besides inclusion in online yellow pages and the use of search engines that have a local offering I’m not aware of any others. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d appreciate it.”

Natural vs. Un-natural – in SEO and the Google Algorithm
Webmaster World
“I’ll offer my vision about what ‘natural’ versus ‘un-natural’ might mean to Google in the area of websites. This is educated conjecture. I’ve never been to the Plex, never looked over a Googler shoulder and had a peek at their special tools. But I do know such tools exist, and I have been in the room when their power was made clear.”

What to Look for When Purchasing Links?
Webmaster World
“We are looking into buying links from sites that are within our niche. My question is what would count the most as a quality link?”

Flash Sites
Small Business Ideas Forum
“I’m interested to see where and how Flash develops. At the moment I wouldn’t recommend someone make an all Flash site if search engine traffic is desired, but I’m sure in time either Flash or search engines will develop to the point where the pages are spiderable.”

AdWords: No Sales
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I’ve got good CTR [click through rate” for my keywords. …I’ve used proper keywords and proper ads for my site. I’m using separate landing pages for each keyword. The price of the products are similar to my competitors. …Can you please help me?”

What Tools Does An SEO Guru Use?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“What tools should an above average SEO [search engine optimization” guru have in his toolbelt?”

Site Has Just Been SEO’d and Traffic Is Down 40%
High Rankings Forum
“If you were getting a lot of untargeted traffic (i.e. people who weren’t really looking for what you have to offer) and the SEO firm optimized your site so it better targets truly relevant terms, then your overall traffic might drop. In this case, though, you should see an increase in your conversion rate and potentially higher gross sales despite the lower overall traffic.”

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