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A Hearty Buffet of Look-Up Databases
SearchDay, Aug. 14, 2003

Need to look up an address, postal code, place name or similar information? Forget search engines — this one-stop source provides free access to lookup databases.

Fraud, Scams and Misinformation on the Web
SearchDay, Aug. 13, 2003

Although the web is rife with bogus pages and deceptive ‘information,’ it’s surprising that even content from typically reliable, authoritative sources can’t always be trusted.

Gems from the Congressional Research Service
SearchDay, Aug. 12, 2003

High quality, non-partisan research created for for members of the U.S. Congress is freely available on the web — if you know where to search for it.

Are You Wanted by the Recording Industry?
SearchDay, Aug. 11, 2003

Concerned that information about your file-sharing user name may have been subpoenaed by the Recording Industry Association of America? Check this database to see if you’re a potential target.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Private Dance … Via AdSense?
“From what I’ve been told, there is absolutely no relationship between the AdSense spiders and the main Google index. AdSense is not a backdoor to getting into the main index.”

Bid War Insanity – What To Do?
Webmaster World
“The keywords we are bidding on are not traffic heavy but are very targeted to our services. This war has gotten to a point, where I am bidding $1.00 and the only other bid (our competitor) overbids me with a $1.01 bid! This is totally ridiculous!”

Session ID Question
High Rankings Forum
“Perhaps you were viewing the web site first in a browser that had cookies turned off? Some web developers set up their sites to include Session IDs in the URL when they detect cookies have been disabled….Like you, I would be afraid of any possibility of a spider being served a URL with a Session ID in it…”

Keyword Research – I Need Some Direction
High Rankings Forum
“I’m sitting in WordTracker… and I’m lost. I know that I am looking for ‘my diamond in the rough’ keyword and/or keyword phrase. A handful of them actually – as I want to optimize some pages/sections differently (according to content)… Is there a ‘trick’ to all of this?”

Spaces and Characters In URLs
“I don’t believe there is any problem using a semi-colon. If possible, though, I would use a hyphen. Google parses text separated by hyphens (in a URL) but not text between an underscore.”

Check Number of Pages Indexed by Google
“ -kjhsdfgh where kjhsdfgh is something that you are sure does not appear in any of your pages.”

AdSense Ad Quality
Webmaster World
“Categories might help, but I think keywords (or a filter that would make it possible to exclude certain keywords) would be equally useful. I’ve had pages about Venice, Italy display ads for apartment rentals in Venice, Florida. Being able to specify ‘Italy’ or exclude ‘Florida’ would easily solve that problem.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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Yahoo may continue AltaVista site
Computer Weekly Aug 15 2003 11:10AM GMT
Internet withstands US blackout, say analysts
Daily Mail & Guardian Aug 15 2003 8:39AM GMT
Google offers users bigger, better toolbar Aug 15 2003 7:45AM GMT
Search Engines Find Traffic for Shoe Retailer Aug 15 2003 6:09AM GMT
‘Scumware’ & Contextual Targeting – Producing Advertising Results or Theft of Revenue? August 14, 2003
web ad.vantage Aug 15 2003 2:37AM GMT
Zoovy Integrates with DealTime Shopping Search Engine Aug 14 2003 3:45PM GMT
All search engines are biased
Cyber India Online Aug 14 2003 2:52PM GMT
Overture Licenses Contextual Ad Technology Aug 14 2003 11:33AM GMT
T-Online Jettisons Overture for Google Aug 14 2003 11:33AM GMT
Refugee camp, P2P outpost
CNET Aug 14 2003 11:11AM GMT
‘Phone number’ Internet addressing gains support
ZDNet Aug 14 2003 10:26AM GMT
Yahoo to ride on India’s mobile boom Aug 14 2003 9:38AM GMT
EBay goes after Google advertisers
MSNBC Aug 13 2003 8:07PM GMT
Supreme Court gets second chance to study online porn law
San Francisco Chronicle Aug 12 2003 10:47PM GMT
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