Farewell, SearchDay!

Today marks my last day as editor of SearchDay, but don’t worry—the newsletter will continue to arrive in your inbox every day.

I started at Search Engine Watch in early 2001, and penned the first issue, with the highly imaginative title Welcome to SearchDay, on May 7th of that year. Since then, I’ve pushed out SearchDay just about every weekday, with this issue marking #1475 (for those of you who keep count).

Looking back on that first issue, SearchDay has stayed pretty much true to the vision Danny Sullivan and I had early on for a daily newsletter. In those pre-blog days there was no good source for breaking news on search. The Search Engine Report was (and continues to be) published twice-monthly, so we conceived SearchDay as an outlet to break new stories. I also wrote:
Beyond breaking news, SearchDay will also feature tips and techniques for sharpening your web searching skills, reviews of specialized search sites and tools, interviews with important people in the world of search, and a variety of additional search-related content. Every day will bring something different! Regardless of your interest in search engines, whether you are involved with searching the web or search engine optimization, SearchDay will be essential reading.

Essentially, I’m going to write about the things that capture my attention and I think are important to share with readers. SearchDay will complement the Search Engine Report, but the content will be completely different in each of the newsletters. Six years is a fairly long time to crank out a daily newsletter, so I’m moving on to join Danny and my colleagues at Search Engine Land starting next week. SearchDay will be continue to be produced by the editorial staff here at SearchEngineWatch.com.

A lot of people contributed to the success of SearchDay over the years. I’d particularly like to thank Danny and Rebecca Lieb for pretty much giving me free editorial reign with the newsletter. Gary Price and Barry Schwartz were fantastic about harvesting headlines for the Search News section. And major kudos to Robert Clough of SearchEngineGuide for providing the links to discussions for the Search Engine Forums Spotlight every Friday.

I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed articles to SearchDay over the years, including: Matt Bailey, Mary Ellen Bates, John Battelle, Andy Beal, Keith Boswell, Phil Bradley, Christine Churchill, Barbara Coll, Grant Crowell, Marcela DeVivo, Amy Edelstein, Craig Fifield, Arnaud Fischer, Andrew Goodman, Mike Grehan, Rae Hoffman, Sara Holoubek, Gord Hotchkiss, Bill Hunt, Patricia Hursh, Greg Jarboe, Anne Kennedy, Dick Larkin, Jennifer Laycock, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Todd Malicoat, Fredrick Marckini, Ian McAnerin, Robin Nobles, Susan O’Neil, Elisabeth Osmeloski, Troy Perkins, George Plosker, Avi Rappoport, Phil Robinson, Jeff Rohrs, Brooke Schumacher, Catherine Seda, Bill Slawski, Jennifer Slegg, Brian Smith, Greg Sterling, Jessie Striccholia, Laura Thieme, Shari Thurow, Dana Todd, Genie Tyburski, David Wallace, Eric Ward, Jill Whalen and Tony Wright. My apologies to anyone I’ve inadvertently left out of this list.

SearchDay will continue with strong editorial input from the current Search Engine Watch staff. I wish everyone all of the best and hope to see SearchDay continue as a strong voice in the world of search news and information.

Bon voyage!

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