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Realistic SEO Expectations
Small Business Ideas Forum

“…what every business really needs is more ‘after tax, net profit.’ The question for all businesses is how do you get there in the most cost effective, value driven way?”

GEO Targeting In Europe
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…this site’s main theme is ‘Europe.’ And logically it would be a smart move to have it in Europe I guess, but search engines don’t really understand that the theme ‘Europe’ is a region that includes all the 25 – 50 countries in Europe? Wouldn’t it in fact be easier to get rankings in all those countries if the site was sitting on a server in the US?”

Dashes In URLs – Soon To be Spam?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Everyone’s favorite topic (or not), whether hyphens make a difference in URLs for ranking purposes, takes a new twist. Now the debate isn’t whether they’ll help but if they could get you penalized.”

Yahoo Maps Beta, Ties In With Search More
High Rankings Forum

“…it’s a perfect thing for local searches. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, chamber of commerce, churches, etc, etc. Everybody would advertise it because they would want people to see it. Put some sort of What’s Happening Today thing on it, and let people choose their own date too and you have the ultimate killer app for local businesses, whether they have a true web presence or not.”

Does the World Need an SEM Match Maker?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“As a service provider, I know when I am discussing services with potential clients there are often large variances between what I propose and competitor’s services proposed. I’ve yet to have a client tell me – you and competitor x proposed exactly the same thing and I made the decision based on cost, location or some other clearly known factor. Customers are always comparing oranges to apples when it comes to service…”

I Hate the Internet – Need Some Webmaster Help
Virtual Promote Forums

“Don’t change any of the names of pages that appear in public, but you might want to put all your include snippets in a separate folder out of the way. At the same time, edit the pages to make the code cleaner, check for errors, and make sure that each page has a unique page title and description. Don’t switch the new server to ‘live’ until the new site is completely finished.”

Prevent Indexing While Testing New Site
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Back to basics time, with members sharing advice on how to keep a site that’s not ready for prime time out of the search engines until all systems are go.”

We’re Not Reaching Everybody. Why?
Cre8asite Forums

“How do people get information? I write about usability issues and the value of it when its added to SEO [search engine optimization” practices. And yet when I’m a room of 100 people who own or work on web sites, they’re surprised when someone mentions usability. Or, they’ve heard of it, but don’t think its important to be concerned with.”

How To Cross Link Without Getting Penalized?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“A common concern is how to cross link related web sites without attracting a search engine penalty. Members discuss options.”

Gates Dismissive Of Google

“ offers a small percentage discount on its web site for users of its search engine and toolbar. After a certain number of searches go through A9, users become eligible for a 1.57 percent discount on their purchase. That could pale in comparison to what Microsoft might offer.”

Strange Log Referrer
High Rankings Forum

“…the referrals from this site are only to my best performing PPC landing page and they make up 56% of all referrals to that page. What do you think is going on? Is someone inflating my AdWords click traffic?”

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IBM to analyze digital scuttlebutt
CNET Nov 10 2005 3:30PM GMT
A Look at Some Non-Google U.S. Patent Applications from Yahoo, Microsoft and Others
Search Engine Watch Nov 10 2005 3:28PM GMT
Industrial BTB Sites Are Lacking, Survey Finds Nov 10 2005 3:22PM GMT
Local Search: Convert and Win
ClickZ Today Nov 10 2005 3:18PM GMT
Amazon, SideStep Partner for Travel Search
ClickZ Today Nov 10 2005 3:18PM GMT re-launches Yahoo China
CNET Nov 10 2005 3:12PM GMT
A Visionary Joins the SearchBlogO’Sphere; A New Keyword Tool Joins the Fray
Traffick Nov 10 2005 3:11PM GMT
Building an Online Library, One Volume at a Time,
Wall St. Journal (Free) Nov 10 2005 3:09PM GMT
Yahoo backs off bidding for AOL stake
CNET Nov 10 2005 3:07PM GMT
Web Resources Avian Bird Flu
ResourceShelf Nov 10 2005 3:06PM GMT
Google plans search spin for Earth
Computer Business Review Nov 10 2005 1:18PM GMT
Free Google Mini, But Theres a Catch
Search Engine Journal Nov 10 2005 12:42PM GMT
Google Automat: Web-Based User-Assisted Classified Advertising
Search Engine Watch Nov 9 2005 11:08PM GMT
Marckini: Industry Looks for Metrics to Cover Blind Spot of Offline Conversion Nov 9 2005 4:22PM GMT
Small Businesses Get Blunt Advice on Search Marketing Nov 9 2005 4:18PM GMT

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