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SEW Expert - Joshua Palau Joshua
The Big “O” — Offshoring
Offshoring is a simple word, but one that elicits strong responses. In a down economy, the case for offshoring is simple. But there are issues to address to know when and how to offshore part of your search marketing program.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage
Sage’s Twitter Promotion Experiment
How do people feel about selling or being sold in social media? Is charity one thing, but for-profit something different?
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SEW Expert - Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy
Do Accents Really Matter in International SEO?
Do search engines these days compensate for accented characters automatically? Some argue that all you need to do is directly place the character in HTML and Google will do the work for you. So what’s the story?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Books Settlement: Back to the Drawing Board
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 28, 2009

Yesterday, a federal judge delayed the October 7 hearing for the Google Books Settlement. The ruling was in favor of a motion by Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers. Google didn’t oppose it. Judge Denny Chin said there wasn’t a point in holding the hearing when the parties involved …
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Google Finally Does the Local Content Thing with Places Pages
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 28, 2009

Google Maps has launched a new feature called Place Pages. It aggregates a bunch of content for a given search result and places it on a single page. So, if you do a search for a local establishment, you can see user reviews, a map and details about the business …
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FCC to Meet October 22, 2009 Over Proposed Net Neutrality Principles
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 28, 2009

The FCC will meet on Thursday, October 22, 2009 regarding the addition of two new net neutrality principles outlined by Chairman Julius Genachowski this past Monday. Experts expect the measure to pass 3-2 with Genachowski’s vote joined by the two other Democrats on the Commission. The vote would issue the rules …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Shares Mobile Search Volumes Sep 25, 2009
After more than 2 years filled with numerous requests for more stats on mobile search volumes and click estimates, Google has finally shared this data via a rather inconspicuous feature on their new Keywords Tool. Google shares mobile search volumes – This is really BIG for all mobile advertisers! Finally we can …
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Duplicated Content in Subdomains Sep 23, 2009
I am helping someone with an SEO issue and wanted to run this by the forum. On their website, they have the main domain ( and about 8-10 additional subdomains for different cities where they do business (, etc). The content on these additional domains is 98% …
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NEW Google Beta Keyword Tool – (Screen Shots) – Anyone else have this. Sep 23, 2009
I noticed a preview of a beta version of the Keyword Tool, in one of our accounts: Anyone else have access to this in an Adwords account? Initial Impressions: I’m disappointed that the option to only get traffic stats for *specific words seems to have vanished.* There are more words displayed yay…but if you …
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