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How To Get Out Of Bid Wars A Winner?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I am currently running a PPC [pay per click” campaign with a smaller vendor who has historically produced very good results for us, i.e. giving up is not an option and the more traffic we can get from them the better. Unfortunately I am stuck in a bid war for first position…”

Getting from Point A to B with Search
Cre8asite Forums

“Small business people don’t need to feel powerless. A lot of life is how to look at angles, and how much work, learning, vulnerability and patience, etc., one is willing to put into success.”

SEO Is A Lot of Work, Is It Worth It
High Rankings Forum

“Remember, SEO [search engine optimization” is a means of generating new visitors, if you can keep old visitors coming back, you won’t be as reliant on new visitors and the comings and goings of SEO.”

New Ask Jeeves Paid Listings Program Said To Come August 1
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I imagine that means a bigger ad spend for advertisers, and a continued livelihood for those of us who make a living managing those campaigns and deciphering how they work.”

Preventing AdSense Clicks by Home Network Users
Webmaster World

“Some weeks ago, my wife nearly clicked on my ads, as she was searching for vacation destinations and found a page from me. My daughters become also older and will be soon also surfing around.”

What Are Your Favorite SEM Client Lies?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I really DO like client work. It is fun most of the time. I don’t, however, like dishonest clients (or dishonest SEM [search engine marketing” companies for that matter). SEM ethics aren’t so much a selling point for me, as they are a good punchline. My favorite lies…”

Low Quality Clicks – Google’s Cash Cow
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google admits that a contest on one of its affiliate sites drove ‘low quality’ clicks that turned out to be costly, but since there was no click fraud, there was no compensation. Agree, disagree?”

How To Actually Be A Good SEO/SEM
High Rankings Forum

“…instead of being so negative, how can we help? What does it really take to be a competent SEO, and how does one get there?”

Approached by Major Client of Direct SEO Competitor from the Same Town
High Rankings Forum

“…the dilemma is whether I consider taking on this client and cause a small operator to lose their one major source of income? Also, we have to live in the same town together and he would know immediately that I ‘poached’ his client. I wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing him around town knowing I had done that.”

Yahoo has bought Konfabulator
Webmaster World

“The way I see it, it’s a move in the direction of making more Yahoo information accessible to the user in a personalized context. Surely beats MSN to the desktop. Good move.”

Did Google Just Target Directories
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I think the engines probably have more serious challenges than the slew of little directories out there – but the issue is whether those types of links, especially if they comprise the majority or IBLs [inbound links” to newer sites that aren’t established, in great numbers and accrued quickly, really have any value as far as algorithmic link analysis is concerned.”

Printer Friendly Pages Duplicate Content?
High Rankings Forum

“Our printer friendly pages are prime content for search engines. Should we exclude them in the robots.txt file, or should we let SE’s [search engines” crawl them? And if the latter will it be considered duplicate content?”

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PPC Contextual Ad Tuning: Avoid Creative Burnout
ClickZ Today Jul 29 2005 3:26AM GMT
Judge grants Microsoft request in Google case
CNET Jul 29 2005 2:14AM GMT
Google Isn’t Everything
Forbes Jul 28 2005 10:33PM GMT
Google war breaks out between Canada and Denmark over Hans island
Canadian Press Jul 28 2005 8:38PM GMT
Travelers Feel ‘Empowered’ By Online Search
TechWeb Jul 28 2005 8:18PM GMT
First Craigslist, Now Google: Newspaper Classifieds Woes Worsen
Poynter Institute Jul 28 2005 7:09PM GMT
Google mapper: Take browsers to the limit
CNET Jul 28 2005 7:04PM GMT
Yahoo Partners With ITV & Rounding Up TV Search Partners In The UK
Search Engine Watch Jul 28 2005 7:02PM GMT
The Birth of Google
Wired News Jul 28 2005 7:01PM GMT
Revenge of the Nerds — Again
Search Engine Watch Jul 28 2005 7:00PM GMT
Official: Google & Univision Partner
Search Engine Watch Jul 28 2005 6:58PM GMT
Yahoo Is Wooing I.B.M. Technical Talent
New York Times Jul 28 2005 1:07PM GMT
My Feedshake Brings All the Readers in the Yard
ResearchBuzz Jul 28 2005 12:56PM GMT
Searchable Database: The IMLS Digital Collections Registry
ResourceShelf Jul 28 2005 12:55PM GMT
The Two Types of Mobile Searchers
ClickZ Today Jul 28 2005 12:49PM GMT

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