Overture & Google Unveil New Advertiser Tools

Overture’s new Marketing Console is a performance marketing tool, while Google’s Auto-Optimization feature automatically optimizes advertiser campaigns.

Overture’s Marketing Console is designed to measure the performance of marketing campaigns across all online channels, including pay-per-click search (from Overture, Google, or any other PPC provider), banner ads, email campaigns, paid inclusion, affiliate programs, and so on. Unlike Overture’s Conversion Counter, which analyzes only the performance of an Overture account, Marketing Console provides comprehensive analysis of an entire online marketing program.

Marketing Console uses JavaScript and Cookies to track visitor activities on a web site. This information is collected, processed, and integrated into reports.

Pricing ranges from $149 to $249 per month and is based on the number of visitors you expect your Web site to receive. Overture is currently offering promotional savings of $50 per month for users who sign up for the program before the end of the year.

Google’s new AdWords Auto-Optimization feature works on multiple ads in an Ad Group. The ad with the highest click-through rate (CTR) is shown more often. This means that better performing ads are automatically shown more often.

Advertisers are automatically opted-in to this feature at the campaign level, though can elect to opt out by clicking a check box. Current Google advertisers can learn more about the feature on the Campaign Summary page, where the percentage that each ad was served is displayed, based on the selected date range of the report.

Call for Speakers – Search Engine Strategies

I’m looking for two case study speakers for the Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing panel at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago, IL, December 9-11. I’m looking for people who have been responsible for selecting and working with an outside search engine marketing firm.

If you work for a SEM firm, it’s OK to suggest one of your clients, but I’m specifically looking for speakers who outsource the work, not search marketers who do the work.

If you’d like to attend the conference and share your experiences on this panel, we’ll provide you with a pass to attend the full conference — a $1,395 value (you’ll still be responsible for your own travel and accommodation).

If you’re certain you can attend the conference, please use the contact form with the subject “Outsourcing SEM” and tell me about your background and what you’d talk about. I’ll be accepting suggestions through Monday, December 1.

Again, please only contact me with suggestions if you’re certain you’re able to attend the conference. Thanks!

Search Headlines

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