Search Engine Forums Spotlight: September 28, 2007

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Google Conversion Optimizer
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I saw that Google Conversion Optimizer (beta) is now available on my AdWords account. Has anyone tried this?”

Have SEOs Lost the Plot?
High Rankings Forum
“Checklist SEO isn’t necessarily bad as long as you understand what you’re checking off and why you’re checking it off. The trouble comes in when you got a checklist from somewhere, but have no idea as to what it means. ”

All the Good Domains Are Gone and Half Are Not Even Used!?
Cre8asite Forums
“I’m finding it increasingly frustrating that people have bought up all these great domain names and never do anything with them.”

Does PPC + Organic Listings = Cannibalization?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“My directors have asked me to cut back on PPC spending, because they believe that running too many PPCs on keywords for which we have a first page organic position is merely taking visits we would have gotten for free.”

Why Is The Answer in SEO Always “Think About Your Audience”?
Cre8asite Forums
“The end user is your true customer, except only where your role is to hoodwink or force people into deals they don’t want. Anytime you are pushing something beyond the way the end-user wants it pushed you are destroying a small part of the internet.”

Shady PPC Managers
High Rankings Forum
“I’m running into more and more PPC operations with slick angles to convince new clients into signing up for their service. What they deliver is quite useless, but they do deliver what they promise. I have yet to find a sure fire method to quickly educate prospects that 1) they’ve been scammed and not feel embarrassed about it and 2) how to shop for a PPC manager (which, of course, I hope is me). ”

Anyone Bored of this SEO Superstar Bulls**t?
Cre8asite Forums
“Everyone seems to be a wannabe SEO superstar. They seem to think if they post on a few forums and have a blog, they know the ins and outs of SEO and can start promoting themselves as such.”

Don’t Write that Proposal Until You Ask the “Magic Question”
Small Business Ideas Forum
“When someone asks you to write a proposal (or give a presentation), just reply with this question: ‘Imagine that you’ve read my proposal and, without doubt, the solution proposed is a perfect fit for what you want. Then what will happen next?'”

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