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Google Sued For Click Fraud

“Of course, one should always consider the plaintiff in any suit presented. The publicity gained through this type of action is worth its weight in gold–especially to a click fraud business whose bread and butter is identifying click fraud and getting money back for its clients.”

SEW Live in Atlanta
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Moderator Chris Boggs provides a great LIVE update report on the Search Engine Watch Forums LIVE! Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Join in and see what’s happening!”

New Yahoo MyWeb 2.0 & MyRank
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yahoo evolves its MyWeb search personalization service to allow for tagging of results and sharing information among friends, creating a ‘trusted’ web that’s sorted according to a new MyRank system.”

Google Getting New Personalized Search
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The results you see on Google may soon be much different than what others see, thanks to today’s rolling out of a new version of Google Personalized Search.”

Why Don’t You Rank on Search Engines?
Cre8asite Forums

“Lack of good search engine ranking can’t be justified in a vacuum. Often, poorly ranking sites aren’t necessarily bad or flawed . . . they’re just not as good as ten or twenty or thirty other sites. Sometimes, they’re not as good by a nose. I’d even go so far as to say sometimes they ARE just as good, but perhaps have unaddressed technical barriers or are still in their infancy.”

Google Earth
Webmaster World

“Google’s new satellite imagery-based mapping product that combines 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capability and Google search. Based on Keyhole technology, Google Earth enables users to fly from space to street level views to find geographic information and explore places around the world.”

Does Advertising Make Sense If You Have Top Organic Listings?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does it ever make sense to purchase paid positions when you have the top organic listing for the same search term?”

Do Search Engines See Content Within iFrames?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve found a neat little script that can display a different html page each day of the month within an iFrame within a web page. It looks really nifty and is pretty easy to use, but I’m not sure if search engines can read content within an iframe?”

Google launches Video Player for Internet Explorer, Firefox
Webmaster World

“Users can now watch video from within the browser via a special downloaded player — one that likely will enable pay-per-view in the future.”

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Ask Jeeves expands syndication network Jul 1 2005 12:01PM GMT
What is Google’s strategy for its China presence?
Peoples Daily Online Jul 1 2005 4:39AM GMT
China’s Sina Corp launches new search engine
Reuters via Jul 1 2005 4:12AM GMT
Search Engine Sales vs. Search Engine Marketing
ClickZ Today Jul 1 2005 3:01AM GMT
Real-Life RSS Marketing
ClickZ Today Jul 1 2005 3:01AM GMT
A National Digital Library is planned at heart of British Library’s new strategy Jun 30 2005 11:35PM GMT
Google Dives into the ‘Deep Web’
BetaNews Jun 30 2005 9:12PM GMT
Microsoft’s new search engine may beat Google: Gates
AFP Jun 30 2005 6:16PM GMT
Google’s Master Plan Revealed
Search Engine Lowdown Jun 30 2005 6:12PM GMT
AOL Begins Rolling Out New Video Search Engine
Search Engine Watch Jun 30 2005 6:11PM GMT
The Worst Copyright Violation Ever
InsideGoogle Jun 30 2005 6:10PM GMT
Yahoo My Web Tagging & Why (So Far) It Sucks
Search Engine Watch Jun 30 2005 6:09PM GMT
Microsoft opens desktop search
CNET Jun 30 2005 6:08PM GMT Partners with for Travel Search
Media Post Jun 30 2005 12:36PM GMT
Brands suffer from negative PR on Google
Netimperative Jun 30 2005 12:34PM GMT

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