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What’s Your Favorite Search Engine Marketing Book?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“If you could only recommend someone one book on ‘search engine marketing,’ which one would it be? Why?”

W3C Compliance And Alt Tags
High Rankings Forum

“I am in the middle of designing a new site layout and keep checking my W3C compliance which gives 40+ error messages. These are because I do not have any ALT tags for the .jpg bullets in my menus and titles and really don’t want to add all that extra html just for ALT tags. …Also, will 40+ W3C non-compliances affect my site in any way, especially the SERPS [search engine results pages”?”

Top 20 SEO Contradications
Search Engine Watch Forums

“We all deal with contradictory information each day with SEO [search engine optimization”. What are your favorite contradictory debates in the SEO industry?”

Microsoft’s Ballmer Vowed To “kill Google”
High Rankings Forum

“If Microsoft want to devlop MSN to take on Google and win I say good luck to them as it is we the consumer that are going to benefit.”

Stop Indexing of PART of a Web Page?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Is it possible to stop Google (and others) from indexing part of a Web page? In particular, due to privacy concerns, I want to hide a few names in a phone directory from Google without de-indexing the whole page with robots.txt– can this be done somehow?”

AdSense Additions Create Opportunities
AdSense Chat Forum

“One of the great things about Adsense is that it changes all the time. Google is always introducing new tools and tinkering with its policies. Thats why it doesnt matter how well youve set up your traffic sources or how impressive your CTR [click through rate” is right now, you always have to check the Adsense site and stay up to date with whats happening.”

Selling A Product And Using Adsense On A Site
High Rankings Forum

“I want to put adsense on all my article pages. My question is, will this lower my conversion rate for my products I am trying to sell on my site because people are leaving my web site? Has anybody experimented with this on their site?”

Is the Word “Resources” a Bad Word?
Virtual Promote Forums

“I’ve also seen certain types of pages that contain a lot of links be removed completely from the Google index. There are certain types of pages that Google just won’t index. As far as ‘resources’ goes, I don’t think there’s anything that you can call it that’s ‘safer.’ It’s the concept and the content on that page, not what you call it.”

Do Redirected Links Count?
High Rankings Forum

“Do redirected links count towards link popularity. For instance, does an href to something like redirect.php?url= count towards the link popularity of”

Keyword Density Suggestions?
High Rankings Forum

“Does anyone have suggestions as to an optimal keyword density target that Google will not consider spam?”

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Kelkoo signs AI search firm
Netimperative Sep 8 2005 9:19PM GMT
Microsoft Web plan takes aim at Google
CNET Sep 8 2005 9:07PM GMT
Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf joins Google
USA Today Sep 8 2005 8:58PM GMT
Daily SEO Contradictions
Search Engine Round Table Sep 8 2005 8:58PM GMT
Googlewhacks Show More Signs That Google’s Increased Its Index; Time To Drop The Hamburger Count
Search Engine Watch Sep 8 2005 2:11PM GMT
Geico, Google settle lawsuit
CNET Sep 8 2005 2:09PM GMT
Dig A Hole Through Earth Via Google Maps
Search Engine Watch Sep 8 2005 2:08PM GMT
Yahoo: One In Five Land On Car Sites Via Search
Media Post Sep 8 2005 11:53AM GMT
Dentsu, 24/7 Real Media in SEM Partnership
ClickZ Today Sep 8 2005 11:51AM GMT
Arabs fight for share in Web adverts boom
Reuters Sep 8 2005 6:20AM GMT
Demographic Planning Across The Search Engines
SearchViews Sep 8 2005 5:36AM GMT
Study: Most Marketers Not Measuring Right SEM Results
ClickZ Today Sep 8 2005 4:05AM GMT
Sponsored Search Links Accounted for 34% of Online Ad Impressions During One Week Period
Search Engine Watch Sep 8 2005 12:04AM GMT
Researching Charities
ResourceShelf Sep 7 2005 9:25PM GMT
Google AdSense Versus Yahoo Publisher Network
Search Engine Round Table Sep 7 2005 3:38PM GMT

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