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Help LookSmart Crawl the Weeb
SearchDay, Apr. 3, 2003
LookSmart is taking a new approach to discovering web content, offering a free downloadable screensaver program that also crawls the web when your computer is idle.

Search Engines 101
SearchDay, Apr. 2, 2003
Use these outstanding online resources to get the equivalent of an introductory semester of “search engines 101″ — without having to go back to school for your education.

Search Engine Milestones for March 2003
SearchDay, Apr. 1, 2003
Yahoo finalizes Inktomi acquisition, Google launches ad network — A roundup of notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

Magnify Your Search Results
SearchDay, Mar. 31, 2003
A software utility that grew out of visual perception research at Xerox’s famous PARC labs magnifies critical information on web pages, making it “pop out” and appear to float above the background.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Microsoft to squish all enemies
ihelpyou Forums
“…I think there is a clear threat to both Google and Overture. Microsoft is not to be underestimated.”

Google revenue streams: tapped and untapped
Webmaster World Forums
“A general sampling of Googles current and potential streams of revenue…”

What would be a respectable number of searches for a new search engine?
SearchGuild Forums
“In some ways niche players have an easier time of it: traffic volumes are expected to be lower but the traffic that is sent is usually pre-qualified and therefore higher quality.”

Bad neighborhoods
ihelpyou Forums
“When people have to use the Google Toolbar to decide what’s valuable to their users, that’s when we are living in a major huge screwed up Internet.”

What SEOs [search engine optimization providers” expect from their clients
ihelpyou Forums
“It’s ten times easier if the client understands the processes involved… I far prefer it if they take an interest.”

Website promotion or web site promotion?
ihelpyou Forums
“Any time you want to optimize for a keyword phrase that has multiple (common) ways of spelling it (e.g., Web site, website), I generally suggest that you optimize one page for one form of the word and another page for the other form.”

Who said guestbook links don’t work?
Webmaster World Forums
“Nice that this thread got posted because we were looking for a little more data on this. Anyone who knows of a site that seems to be using guestbook signing successfully, drop a note over at the spam report form. We’ll tighten up the algorithms.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

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Tech latest
Internet and the fog of war
CNET Apr 4 2003 1:15PM GMT
Online search engines news
How to Spend a Small Search Engine Marketing Budget
Search Engine Guide Apr 4 2003 11:53AM GMT
Google Inks Amazon to Comprehensive Search Deal Apr 4 2003 11:38AM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo Japan in music giveaway Apr 4 2003 11:09AM GMT
Online marketing news
How to Get Fortune 500 Clients to Evangelize with Press, Analysts & Sales Prospects on Your Behalf Apr 4 2003 9:02AM GMT
Online portals news
Overture Strengthens Ties to MSN
Adweek Online Apr 4 2003 9:01AM GMT
Al-Jazeera portal heads ‘Lycos 50’ list
newsfox Apr 3 2003 11:36PM GMT
Online marketing news
Court considers ‘right to spam’
USA Today Apr 3 2003 9:40PM GMT
Online search engines news
Ask Jeeves’ Second Wind
Forbes Apr 3 2003 8:18PM GMT
Domain name news
VeriSign mum on Al Jazeera domain poisoning
Sydney Morning Herald Apr 3 2003 7:37PM GMT
Online search engines news
Search Engines as Personal Shoppers?
About Web Search Apr 3 2003 5:58PM GMT
Being Tops with Your Users and the Search Engines (Part 1)
High Rankings Apr 3 2003 2:26PM GMT
AltaVista… Google… Microsoft? Where does the future of web search lie? Apr 3 2003 11:03AM GMT
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