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Gigablast Inventor Interview

“Can the likes of Matt Wells seriously compete in today’s marketplace, with the big boys who have hundreds of Ph.D.’s working on their engines, and Microsoft and IBM coming right along in the development tubes?”

SEO [search engine optimization” and Reciprocal Links, How Many Links are Needed?
High Rankings Forum

“…Google makes heavy use of hypertextual information consisting of link structure and link (anchor) text. Google also uses proximity and font information. As for link text, we are experimenting with using text surrounding links in addition to the link text itself.”

ODP Spam Handling Suggestion
Best Practices Forum

“Someone reading this thread might come away with the notion that the directory doesn’t have tools for dealing with spam. That is not the case. There are some good and effective tools for dealing with spam available to editors. But suggestions of better ways, and examples of other ways, to combat spam are always welcome.”

Google Backlinks and PageRank Should Be Abolished
Webmaster World

“I think Google is killing their results by allowing webmasters to inspect the back links of their competitors. What about PageRank? This is just a fantasy that has absolutely no relevance to anything. Why is it displayed, and why are webmasters doing monkey tricks to artificially increase theirs?”

Link Popularity Improvement Methods
Best Practices Forums

“I suggest discussing link popularity improvement methods, EXCEPT for reciprocal links exchange. Please suggest and comment.”

Microsoft Goes After Google
Webmaster World

“Google has the simpler name, but the masses buy computers with pre-installed software. [Microsoft” with a search box on the desktop could easily trump a brand name. Joe or Jane fires up the computer, and there’s the search box, no recalling brand names, no changing default page, it’ll just be there.”

What is Everyone so Scared of?
Cre8asite Forums

“I charge by the hour. Unless I have a real good reason to believe that an hour spent on a small PPC [pay per click” is going to attain better ROI [return on investment” than an hour spent on fine-tuning an Overture or Google campaign then I’m not going to do it.”

Microsoft Throwing Its Weight Behind Web Search
Best Practices Forum

“I suspect that Microsoft’s main thrust with search will be integrating it with the OS [operating system”, browser & desktop environment. I think the web-based side of it (MSN) is less important.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

A Conversation With Gigablast’s Matt Wells
SearchDay, Sept. 25, 2003

Most major search engines rely on an army of hundreds of people to create and maintain their services. Not Gigablast — it’s a high-quality search engine built and operated by sole proprietor Matt Wells.

How Can Google’s Gold Be Inktomi’s Spam?
SearchDay, Sept. 24, 2003

While there are some universal guidelines about search engine spam, each major engine has policies that can occasionally appear out of sync with others.

Yahoo Launches New Product Search
SearchDay, Sept. 23, 2003

Yahoo’s new product search engine combines the best aspects of the company’s existing shopping platform with new advanced search features, including product information gathered from the entire web.

Dealtime Relaunches as
SearchDay, Sept. 22, 2003

Shopping search and product review site Dealtime officially changed its name today to, marking another milestone in the fascinating journey of a storied domain name.

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Yahoo Groups banwho is responsible?
Cyber India Online Sep 26 2003 1:16PM GMT Takes Aim at Google Sep 26 2003 10:39AM GMT
Retail sites lead, automaker sites lag in site design, says Forrester Sep 26 2003 8:29AM GMT
Anti-Spam Web Pages Shut Down by Attacks
Boston Globe Sep 26 2003 8:01AM GMT
Google Gets Local
High Search Engine Ranking Sep 26 2003 7:05AM GMT
Google News to improve on breaking news Sep 26 2003 5:23AM GMT
Retailers Discuss Online ROI Opportunities Sep 26 2003 5:15AM GMT
Hearts and Minds: AOL’s Agency Problem Sep 26 2003 3:58AM GMT
Site Won’t Stay Put in Search Engine Rankings
High Rankings Sep 26 2003 3:53AM GMT
Librarians Do Slightly Better Than Google Sep 25 2003 7:55PM GMT
Google clocks up advertiser milestone
ZDNet Sep 25 2003 11:06AM GMT
Watchdog to target text spammers
The Register Sep 25 2003 10:38AM GMT
Is Google like Microsoft? In some ways Sep 25 2003 10:37AM GMT
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