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Best Wishes, Search Engine Watch!
Search Engine Watch Forums
“A special note from Danny Sullivan to the Search Engine Watch community.”

New Yahoo Bidding Information
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Why, in the throes of the holiday shopping season, do they change the game on us like this? I realize it doesn’t change the way ads are ranked, but without specific bid data, how can we manage to that system? Instead of getting that info at a glance (or via a bid management tool) so we can easily manage our holiday campaigns, now we’ll have to look at their ‘estimates’ and guess where our ads might end up?”

Internet Advertisers Want Sales Not Branding
Webmaster World
“The report also states that organic search SEO [search engine optimization” is still the preferred way to spend marketing budget dollars, with 9 out of 10 senior managers either moderately or heavily involved in SEM [search engine marketing”.”

Did-It’s President Takes ANOTHER Shot at SEO
Search Engine Watch Forums
“It seems that Did-It’s President is taking another shot at SEO. This time though he’s answering his critics. According to him, apparently SEO is near death.”

Internet Search Needs A Code Of Conduct
Webmaster World
“Remember, the search engines are in the game for the revenue. Exchange listed companies do not follow ‘codes of conduct’ with their competitors, they only follow ‘government regulated legislation.’ And no, I’m not saying regulate them, I’m just saying they won’t agree to do it voluntarily.”

Strategy Needed for New International Site
High Rankings Forum
“The product has international reach and the market for each country has very different ideas on how to search for this product. There is some overlap in core keyword phrases but I need to have pages dedicated to either US or UK searchers (and in due course translated pages) as to merge them would become a copywriting / usability weakness.”

Software For Starting Up A Search Marketing Agency
High Rankings Forum
“What software packages would you suggest I purchase to assist me with helping small businesses take advantage of SEO and PPC [pay per click” opportunities? Also, if I wanted to get into web design work as part of this, what software package would you recommend?”

Microsoft bCentral No Longer Accepting Submissions
Webmaster World
“Tried to submit a site small business directory today, and the message reads: ‘As of November 15, 2006 Microsoft will no longer accept new sign-ups for select Microsoft Online Small Business Services. These services, previously marketed under the bCentral™ brand, include Appointment Manager, Banner Network Ads, Commerce Manager, Customer Manager, FastCounter Pro, List Builder, Sales Leads, SharePoint®, Submit it!, Traffic Builder, and Web Hosting Packages.'”

.mobi SEO?
High Rankings Forum
“It seems to me that the .mobi domains will soon take off and become more mainstream… I have a couple of questions?”

Yahoo Integrates Answers Into Search Results
Search Engine Watch Forums
“With Yahoo officially announcing the integration of Answers into search results (after BETA testing), we discuss the advantages and disadvantages that Q&A results could bring.”

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