Highlights from the SEW Blog: Aug 18, 2005

Featured posts from the Search Engine Watch blog, as well as our customary search headlines from around the web. If you’re not familiar with our blog, click on any of the links below, or visit the blog’s home page at http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/.

Automating the Mining of the Deep Web

Mike Bazeley’s article: Diving deep into the Web, profiles a Bay Area start-up named Glenbrook Networks that is developing technology to crawl material that’s hidden in deep/invisible web databases. Specifically, their technology will be able to automatically complete online forms and then extract the data that’s returned on a results page.

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Using Brackets To Illustrate Queries

How to write queries from Google software engineer Matt Cutts is a nice look at how Googlers internally represent queries, so that everyone knows what was actually entered in the search box. It’s a good approach and one I’ll be adopting in general, for the most part.

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Yahoo Virtually Tied With Google On Customer Satisfaction

I wrote earlier of wanting relevancy figures. In lieu of that, how about some customer satisfaction figures? Yahoo Gains On Google In Customer Satisfaction from Forbes covers the latest data from the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index that puts Yahoo a hair’s breath behind Google for satisfaction.

Google earned 82 out of a 100 possible satisfaction points, with Yahoo following at 80. However, Google is classified in the “search engines” category while Yahoo is classified in the “portals” category. Different questions may be involved to assess satisfaction and if so, then the scores might not be comparable.

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Google Unveils AdSense Blog

A post on Search Engine Roundtable and JenSense points out that Google’s Inside AdSense blog is now online. It joins “Inside AdWords” blog as resources where you can find news, tips, and advice about each service by members of the AdSense and AdWord teams.

From the blog:

You can look forward to posts around 2-3 times a week from an assortment of Googlers involved in the operation of AdSense engineers, product managers, product marketing managers, and operations staff. We hope you’ll visit often.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Weather Resources for the Online Researcher
ResourceShelf Aug 17 2005 10:41PM GMT
Wikipedia Treated Too Well in Google?
Search Engine Round Table Aug 17 2005 10:38PM GMT
Google Has Your Data: Should You Be Afraid? – Part One
NewsFactor Aug 17 2005 10:27PM GMT
Judy’s Book helps locals hook up with local services
Puget Sound Business Journal Aug 17 2005 8:38PM GMT
SearchTHIS: SES Part Deux
iMedia Connection Aug 17 2005 8:00PM GMT
A Business Case for SEM
ClickZ Today Aug 17 2005 7:56PM GMT
Multiple mash-ups ensue as Google Maps mate with Net info
USA Today Aug 17 2005 3:07PM GMT
Lycos to close Circles social networking service
InfoWorld Aug 17 2005 3:05PM GMT
New search engine marketing tools from SES San Jose
Pandia Aug 17 2005 3:01PM GMT
Diving deep into the Web
San Jose Mercury News Aug 17 2005 2:58PM GMT
Yahoo Debuts New Rev of Local
Searchblog Aug 17 2005 2:31PM GMT
Google vs. Geico: Geico Spin Machine Undermines Google Victory
Media Post Aug 17 2005 2:29PM GMT
Google may be liable for Geico trademark infringement
CNET News.com Aug 17 2005 2:25PM GMT
Yahoo Virtually Tied With Google On Customer Satisfaction
Search Engine Watch Aug 17 2005 2:23PM GMT
Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal
Business Week Aug 17 2005 2:23PM GMT

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