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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Integrating Marketing Campaigns with Link Development
Companies can often make simple modification to their promotions to develop links simultaneously. Other times, the links already exist from marketing campaigns, but they aren’t being utilized for their full value.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Using Search to Help you with Search Engine Optimization
Link research can take time, but there are several ways you can use a search engine to find quality links. Today we’ll look at queries you can make using your favorite search engine that can help you find places to acquire links to your Web site.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Google and the Obama Administration
I thought we were moving past paying back campaign favors with key positions. I thought we were changing the world. Transparency doesn’t mean appointing your supporters so they can continue building their brand by plugging in familiar connectivity.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

Users and Search Engines Want the Same Things
Optimizing your site for users is just as important as optimizing your site for search engines. While those are two very different things, you can often serve both audiences by being smart with your Web site development.
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Google UK Testing New AdWords Interface
Posted by Frank Watson Feb 4, 2009

UK based SEM company AccuraCast reported about Google’s testing of a new interface in AdWords. The interface shows a few new layouts for data display in Google AdWords. The new filters have also been launched in the US. Changes to the navigation have yet to be added to my accounts. Some of …
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Posted by Kevin Newcomb Feb 5, 2009 parent IAC this week reported a $156.2 million net loss for 2008, or $1.08 loss per share. For Q4 2008, IAC reported $227.4 million in net income, or $1.57 per share. Not counting several write-downs for underperforming assets, adjusted net income came in at $265.5 million for the year, …
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YouTube Continues Online Video Dominance in December 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 5, 2009

comScore has released online video data for December 2008, and, as expected, Google-owned YouTube continued to dominate the field. YouTube accounts for 99 percent of video viewing on Google sites, which saw almost 6 billion video views in December. YouTube saw over 100 million unique visitors, a milestone first achieved in …
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Veoh Launches New Version of Site
Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 5, 2009

Veoh has relaunched its site, with a slick look and tons of new features to boot. I must say I really like the look and feel – much better than YouTube. What YouTube has is content due to its large amounts of traffic. If/once people knew about Veoh, they could …
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Changes in Attitudes Needed For Success of Google’s Latitude
Posted by Frank Watson Feb 4, 2009

The new track a friend product from Google – Latitude may need some change in the attitude of people regarding privacy if it is going to become really successful. Granted I have already had three requests to share my information today, this tool no doubt will be used for pinpointed advertising …
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Yahoo is Testing SearchPad for Online Research Notetaking
Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 4, 2009

Yahoo is testing a new research aid called SearchPad. It allows users to take and save notes on various areas of research, from trips to product research to pretty much anything you want! SearchPad can detect when your searches on Yahoo look like research. It will prompt users conduct such behavior …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

New AdWords Interface Feb 3, 2009
Google’s rolling out a limited test of the new AdWords interface in the UK on Feb 10th. This one looks a bit different from the one tested in the USA in November – presumably based on refinements and user feedback. Who else is testing the new interface? Any comments? Screenshots can …
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Analytics process Feb 5, 2009
Everybody is obviously using both the info in Adwords and Analytics to better understand and improve the performance. While there are certain things I look at I have not yet found a certain process that I go thru. My questions are therefore 1) which data do you look at the most? 2) do you …
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What could cause massive drop in CTR? Feb 3, 2009
OK. I’ve been running pretty much the same ad forever. My competitors have been running the same ads. All of a sudden about a week ago my CTR has dropped from 5-6% to 1-2%. But nothing else out there has changed. My ads haven’t changed. …
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