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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Yahoo’s Next Move
While many onlookers see Jerry Yang’s tenure as CEO of Yahoo as a failure, that’s not really accurate. He stepped in to rebuild a floundering machine, and is now making way for the next evolution of the world’s most powerful portal.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Marketing Pitches: Don’t Strike Out With Your Audience
When journalists are starting out, they’re trained to find the most relevant event or idea and make that the focus of their news stories. They understand that there’s a very small window of time to get a reader to engage with their story. Are you following the same principles with your search marketing efforts?
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron

SEO Dreams are Made of This
Many major companies continue to make mistakes with their Web sites that hurt their search engine rankings. They target pages in the wrong way, or don’t craft their pages in a way to prevent searchers from leaving their site after the first page. It’s time for some SEO dreaming.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

The Future of Google’s Search Personalization
Some SEOs aren’t getting the message about Google’s personalization of search results. Many are not seeing the writing on the wall: 2009 will likely see the end of the ranking report in SEO. It’s time to acknowledge traffic, conversions, and ROI as the important metrics for any form of marketing or business.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google AdWords Launches Search-Based Keyword Tool
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

Google AdWords has released a new keyword tool. This one lets users plug in their website and a few keywords. The tool, dubbed Search-based keyword tool, takes a look at the site and makes suggestions for keywords that may be relevant to your paid search campaign. The idea is that you …
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Citysearch Rebuilds Site with a More Social, Local and Mobile
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

Citysearch appears to be going for the jugular with its newly rebuilt site. While many sites add a little social here and a little mobile there, Citysearch is going for the three hottest trends all at once: Social, Local, Mobile. “We rebuilt the Citysearch platform to give our users what they …
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Yahoo! Search BOSS Enables Key Terms
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

Yahoo! Search BOSS is now allowing developers to use a feature called Key Terms. The feature is derived from technology that is used in Search Assist. Yahoo! says developers can use Key Terms to create refinement terms for their own search applications as well as creating semantic analysis or new …
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Google Image Search Hosts LIFE Image Archive
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

Google has announced that it has made LIFE Magazine Images available as an archive. The images from the iconic magazine are also available through Image Search. You can view the collection here. So far, 20% of the total collection is online. The entire archive consists of 10 million photographs. Who are …
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Live from San Francisco, It’s YouTube!
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

This Saturday, YouTube will be hosting its first ever live streaming event. The broadcast will feature a music and variety show being held at Fort Mason Center’s Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco. The event begins at 8pm EST and will feature Soulja Boy Tellam,, Tay Zonday of Chocolate Rain fame …
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Trulia Partners with Placecast for Audience Targeting and Dynamic Messaging
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 19, 2008

Real estate search site Trulia has partnered with Placecast for audience targeting and dynamic messaging. The goal is to improve the relevancy of the ads appearing on their site. Placecast will use its proprietary targeting algorithms to generate ads based on the real estate locations in which a user expresses interest. …
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TNS Unveils Next Generation of Online Advertising Monitoring Tools
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 18, 2008

TNS has launched the next generation of its online advertising monitoring tools. The TNS Digital Suites combines cookie tracking with the TNS 6th Dimension Panel for what they say is a unique analysis of online ad consumption. TNS says current tools overestimate audience sizes, but that their updated online ad …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is it better to place keywords in folder or filename? Nov 19, 2008
Question for our resident gurus… For ranking purposes, is it better to place keywords in a URL folder or in the filename itself (i.e. or Does Google treat these differently than Yahoo, MSN or others? In my experience and tests, I have not seen a difference between these, but …
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AdWords gets “Financially Smart” Nov 18, 2008
Google is running AdWords Ads on Google Finance ( Naturally all the ads are finance/trading/stock/ related. But there’s a nice twist.. If you do a stock quote on a company the AdWords ads that display are not finance, they are for the industry sector of the company. In other words, AdWords …
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About Backlinks Nov 18, 2008
I have submitted my website to directories,Forums and Social Bookmarking.Still I got only one backlink. What would be the reason. Thanks in Advance.
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