Highlights from the SEW Blog: Nov 14, 2005

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Black Hats Going White?

A reporter asked me recently if the black hat and white hat branches of SEO are getting further apart these days. I replied I thought things were coming more together.

More white hats seem to feel things they might have deemed wrong in the past to be more acceptable, while some black hats are deciding some aggressive tactics might not be worth continuing with. Meanwhile, “bad” techniques like cloaking suddenly don’t seem so black hat when Google itself fully cooperates with some sites to allow it. The world of SEO just getting more gray, to me.

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Google Provides Search Stats By Industry Sector

Nice spot by that man Peter Da Vanzo of (The Original) Search Engine Blog, a page over at Google full of metrics about how people in different industries search. Pitching that travel client on search? Help yourself to some stats from Google to help close the sale, for example.

Learning About and Understanding Web Spam

Here’s some great reading, viewing and material for your reference shelf. With web spam continuing to be a very hot topic, I wanted to point out two papers and the slide presentations that accompany each of them. Both do a great job of describing web spam issues and making them understandable. Both papers were given during the 14th International World Wide Web Conference and AIRWeb05 that took place in May.

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MSN’s AdCenter: More than Just Keyword Advertising

Ina Fried’s News.com excellent overview article: Microsoft’s ad pitch underpins Net moves, offers a look at Redmond’s foray into selling search advertising (and beyond) with their AdCenter program.

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A Bad Reciprocal Linkā€”And Reciprocal Link Request

We’ve been having quite a discussion about reciprocal links over at the Search Engine Watch Forums in our Reciprocal Linking: Dead or Alive? thread. I chimed in to stress that whether a reciprocal link is bad or good can also depend on what exactly you mean by “reciprocal link.” From one page to another and back? From one site to another but between different pages? And what about the underlying reason for the link? For search ranking purposes or for your visitors? Today, a gift (ahem) from the email diety arrived in my inbox. An example of a bad reciprocal link plus a bad link request. Yum, double badness to blog. Let’s look.

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Shopzilla invades UK
Netimperative Nov 13 2005 7:19PM GMT
Link Spam Detection Based on Mass Estimation
SEO Book Nov 13 2005 7:18PM GMT
Microsoft’s ad pitch underpins Net moves
CNET News.com Nov 13 2005 7:17PM GMT
eBay Unveils Service With New and Historical Info About Popular Search Terms
Search Engine Watch Nov 13 2005 7:13PM GMT
Scoble Pulls Anti-Google Post
Addict3d.org Nov 13 2005 5:21PM GMT
Opportunity and Fear as Google Widens Reach
E-Commerce Times Nov 13 2005 1:10PM GMT
Can Your Searches Be Used Against You? How To Erase Your Search History in Firefox
About Nov 12 2005 10:06PM GMT
From Service to Application
Searchblog Nov 12 2005 4:10PM GMT
Amazon Gets Patents on Consumer Reviews
Internet News Nov 12 2005 4:07PM GMT
The Flickrization of Yahoo
Business 2.0 Nov 12 2005 4:03PM GMT
SEO Consulting & Contracting
Search Engine Journal Nov 12 2005 10:54AM GMT
Inbound Link Strategies: Movin’ On Up
ClickZ Today Nov 10 2005 7:15PM GMT
Google Weighing Test Of Print Ads In Newspapers
Dow Jones Nov 10 2005 7:14PM GMT
SEO Contracts
High Rankings Nov 10 2005 3:38PM GMT
MSN Replies to MSN adCenter Complaints
Search Engine Round Table Nov 10 2005 3:33PM GMT

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