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It’s a rarity these days to find high quality business information on the web that’s free of charge, but Dun and Bradstreet’s Zapdata offers it in droves.

Experienced business researchers know that it’s difficult to find high quality industry research on the web. Most info pros turn to proprietary (and often expensive) databases of information providers such as Factiva, Dialog and others for critical business information.

There’s one top-notch resource that offers some of the best industry research available at no charge. Dun and Bradstreet’s provides free market information for anyone who requests it.

The site claims that these industry research reports would typically cost $100 or more and would take weeks to generate from other business sources. lets you build SIC code industry reports in real-time using D&B business data, which the company strives to keep up to date.

To build your reports, simply drill down using basic SIC code based industry selections. Once you’ve targeted the specific industry you’re interested in, you can choose up to five market research reports. These include:

Market size statistics. Data includes the total number of U.S. companies in the 4-digit SIC code you select, total number of people employed in this industry, total yearly sales for the SIC code, average number of employees per organization, and the average sales per business.

Market analysis by company size. For every company size range, data in this report type includes the number of companies in the 4-digit SIC code you select, their total and average number of employees, and their total and average annual sales.

Market analysis by state. For each state, you’ll be presented with the number of companies in this 4-digit SIC code, their total and average number of employees, and their total and average annual sales.

Market analysis by metro area. Similar to the market analysis by state, for every metro area, see the number of companies in this SIC code, their total and average number of employees, and their total and average annual sales.

Market analysis by specialty. For every 8-digit SIC code under the 4-digit SIC code you select, see the number of businesses in the entire U.S., their total and average number of employees, and their total and average annual sales.

Zapdata’s industry research is an exceptionally rich source of business information — and also proves the maxim that some of the best things in life really are free.


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