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Nice To See Google Back On Track! Will it last?
High Rankings Forum

“I was just doing some spot checks at Google on a few past client sites to see how they were faring now that Google is back on track. …Anyone else have similar stories?”

Anybody Experienced With URL Rewrite for IIS?

“This endeavor is easier than you may think — especially the mod rewrite part of it. Getting enough access to your IIS server to install the program may be the hardest part. After that, understanding regular expression matching enough to write your rule is probably the trickiest part.”

The -Noblog Option or Blog Tab: Can It Be Done?
Cre8asite Forums

“Topical blogs can be some of the best sources for information on the subjects that they cover. Not only are they wonderful places to find links and the latest news, but the person who runs the site is often an expert on the subject, and can add a lot to it.”

Best Practices Forums

“SEMPO [Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization” is now sponsored by Google, Overture…. While I tend to want to see the best intentions in people, I am somewhat concerned about our industry being defined by the search engines themselves. Does anyone else share this concern?”

Yahoo Recommends Keywords META and Image ALT Text
Webmaster World

“I’m intrigued by the items in there that suggest webmasters use the Keywords META tag (maybe it’s not dead after all?) and by the suggestion that image ALT text is being crawled for ‘search purposes’.”

Yahoo Versus Google On Redirect Handling
Webmaster World

“Yahink doesn’t resolve 301 redirects as it should. Tim (YahooGuy) confirmed a few days ago that they are aware of the problem and already have a solution – he said, it just takes a while to recrawl affected pages.”

Percentage of Clicks from Top 3
Best Practices Forums

“The CTR [click through rate” for organic listings has very different curves depending on the type of search. We’ve been gathering stats for a while, but the results are scattered all over, so we’re working on a model that looks at…”

Complete Analysis of New AdSense Terms, Policies & FAQ
Webmaster World

“Well, Google has definitely brought some major changes with their new terms, policies and FAQ. The biggest concern? The following statement that is now listed under ‘site may not include: Deceptive or manipulative content or construction to improve your site’s search engine ranking, e.g., your site’s PageRank.’ Eyes opened wide?”

Who Links to My Site?
Best Practices Forums

“Is it possible to establish what sites link into mine? I seem to remember there is a way of getting this from Google, but I’m not sure.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

ZapMeta: A Promising New Meta Search Engine
SearchDay, Feb. 26, 2004

A new meta search engine offers speedy, relevant results, and some cool visualization features that actually make it easy to check out sponsored listings without leaving your result page.

Ask Jeeves: What’s the Future of Search?
SearchDay, Feb. 25, 2004

Ask Jeeves’ vice president of products weighs in on the future of search, forecasting developments in local search, personalization, and the fate of the current fad involving social networks.

Local Search Growing, but Small Biz Advertisers Cautious
SearchDay, Feb. 24, 2004

Local search is a hot topic, but both search providers and small business owners face significant challenges before location based finding services gain broad acceptance.

A Fun Multi-Search Tool
SearchDay, Feb. 23, 2004

Queryster lets you quickly get results from ten different search engines, simply by clicking an icon. It’s a great way to compare the different ‘personalities’ of search engines.

Search Headlines

VeriSign sues Icann over delay in services…
Computer Weekly Feb 27 2004 12:10PM GMT
Google’s Page ‘dismayed’ by IPO speculation…
ZDNet UK Feb 27 2004 10:06AM GMT
Behind the Rise of Google Lies the Rise in Internet Credibility…
New York Times Feb 27 2004 4:54AM GMT
9,000 Google hits can’t be wrong – or can they?…
Christian Science Monitor Feb 26 2004 11:39PM GMT
Patents raise stakes in search wars… Feb 26 2004 11:34PM GMT
J.K. Rowling, Google guys join Forbes billionaire’s club…
San Jose Mercury News Feb 26 2004 10:21PM GMT
Southfield company files patent suit against Google over Toolbar…
Crains Detroit Business Feb 26 2004 9:43PM GMT
Semel toys with an ad-free Yahoo…
ZDNet Feb 26 2004 7:51PM GMT
Microsoft commercial-search chief departs…
CNET Feb 26 2004 2:18AM GMT
Patents raise stakes in search wars…
ZDNet Feb 26 2004 0:13AM GMT
Google, Overture, and GO TOAST Sponsor the SEMPO…
Search Engine Journal Feb 25 2004 11:13PM GMT
Verity Ultraseek 5.2: Search and You Will Find… Feb 25 2004 10:17PM GMT
Spam busters: ‘You’re either with us or against us’… Feb 25 2004 5:54PM GMT
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