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Search Ad Tools Help Manage Complexity
Search advertising tools have been unhappily married to search providers since they first appeared on the scene. But increasing consolidation and acquisition of search advertising tools by big holding companies is slowly opening a window of opportunity for independent providers.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Real-Time Analytics with Woopra
Want a souped-up analytics package that allows you to track individual users, and potentially interact with them in real time? Then Woopra may be exactly what you’re looking for.
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Yahoo Adds Speed, Smarts, and Languages to Safari Plug-In, Inquisitor
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

Just 3 months after acquiring the assets of the Safari search plug-in, Inquisitor, Yahoo is announcing updates to the add-on. Using the recently launched BOSS technology, Inquisitor is now faster in providing Yahoo results. Eight additional languages can use Inquisitor now, as well. They are Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, …
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â””Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizerâ””
Posted by Greg Jarboe Aug 13, 2008

The new book, “Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer,” is hot off the press. Written by Bryan Eisenberg and John Quarto-vonTivadar, with contribution from Lisa T. Davis, the book will help you understand how to set up website optimization tests and improve your conversion rates. And, …
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Yahoo Launches Location-Based Open Source Application, Fire Eagle
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

With the onslaught of the iPhone and the increasing popularity of mobile search and social networking, platforms that aid the development of location-based applications are highly useful to the process. Yahoo is throwing its hat into the ring with the release of a new open source program, FireEagle. Yahoo sees FireEagle …
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Ex-Googler Ben Ling Becomes an Ex-Facebooker
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

If you’re looking for drama, go watch the Olympics or an episode of the Hills. Ex-Googler Ben Ling is leaving Facebook, but it’s not for any rumored internal squabbles. Instead, he’s got a new opportunity on deck that is apparently great enough to leave the hottest social network in the world …
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Google Streamlines Analytics Log-In Process (Kinda, Sorta, Not Really)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

For a long time, I have been befuddled as to why I must log-in to Google Analytics when I’m already logged into Gmail in the same browser. Now, Google is claiming they have streamlined the process. If you’re signed into your Google account, all you have to do when you …
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Google Adds Places Layer to Google Earth; Talks Mapping and Georgian Conflict
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

Google has added a “Places” Layer to Google Earth. Content from Wikipedia, Panaramio, YouTube and the Google Earth community have been wrapped up into a “single, multifaceted layer.” The Places layer is found in the Geographic Web layers section on Google Earth. Meanwhile, Google is also addressing the difficulty of mapping in …
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Microsoft’s Live Maps Schools Google, Yahoo, Ask and AOL in Georgia Mapping
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 13, 2008

If you’ve been keeping up with the conflict in South Ossetia, perhaps you were curious about where the contentious events were occurring. I hope you ended up at Microsoft’s Live Search Maps, because it is the only map of the top 5 search engines that could find both Tskhinvali, South …
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Terry Plank of SEMPO Institute Teaching SEO Training Class at SES San Jose
Posted by Greg Jarboe Aug 12, 2008

On Friday, Aug. 22, SES San Jose is offering half a dozen Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training Workshops. Two of them are being offered by the SEMPO Institute: “Successful SEO: The Essential Elements – Part 1 and Part 2.” (I should disclose that SEMPO is a client, but Iâ””m also …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Content Match Has Changed Aug 12, 2008
But yahoo wont tell you how it was changed! They do tell you to go and change your bids… hey we warned you… —Quote— Dear Advertiser, We recently made some enhancements to our Content Match technology *that may help bring you more traffic.* Please review your Content Match bids and budget now …
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Using proxy to see the US SERPs? Aug 10, 2008
Hi guys, today I realized that for an e-commerce keyword, a friend of mine living in the US didn’t see 3 sites in his top 30. Surprisingly I saw those sites (all of which were from the UK) at #4,#5,#6 in my SERPs. It was an e-commerce term, and I assume it …
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