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Kanoodle Kontext to Rival AdSense
Webmaster World

“Kanoodle plans to launch a new contextual advertising program, Kanoodle Kontext, which they see as a direct rival to Google AdSense.”

Large Companies Using Pay Per Click
Cre8asite Forums

“…I have noticed a lot of large companies getting into pay per click advertising. Wal-Mart, HP, Sears, Macys to name a few, that along with the price comparison shops has changed my bidding strategy, how will it affect your bidding campaign in the new year?”

Adsense As Pay for Inclusion?
High Rankings Forum

“Google discovers URLs in lots of ways, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the Adsense bot effectively auto-submits a URL to the main Google index. But that doesn’t (and shouldn’t, IMO [in my opinion”) mean that URL will be indexed any quicker or ranked any better. I’ve been thinking this for a few weeks, but I will say it publicly today… IMO Adsense has the possibility to be the biggest PR [public relations” disaster, the biggest can of worms that Google could possibly open, ever!”

Thoughts from the Search Engine Strategies Conference

“…you mentioned the Froogle rep saying it’s likely Froogle results will end up in the organic results. Do you know how Google plans to monetize that? I’m assuming they’ll either a)buy an affiliate aggregator like Linkshare; or b)work with CJ, BeFree and Linkshare to monetize on a % of sale basis.”

Google AdSense: Disqualified for Invalid Clicks
Webmaster World

“I’m going to concentrate on the ‘dreaded email’ issue this evening, as it seems to be the number one concern for most of you. I’m just back from a meeting with the invalid click team, to learn more about their techniques and their processes. Here’s what I learned…”

Google Apologizes

“For what it’s worth, Craig Nevill-Manning, Google’s Senior Research Scientist, said, ‘I apologize for the roller coaster. We’re aware that changes in the algorithm affect people’s livelihoods. We don’t make changes lightly.’ Well, at least that’s good to know.”

Google Tracking Clicks
Best Practices Forums

“…some speculation is that they determine how far down the listing a searcher must go before finding a link of interest and when they do, what the url of the site is. This type of data could be useful in seeing if the new algorithm is giving searchers something that appears to be relevant near the top of the results.”

Kanoodle Lands Major Investor
Webmaster World

“What is Eric Schmidt doing on the Executive Advisory Board of a vc [venture capital” group that just snuggled up to a major Google competitor? There’s a string here that needs to be pulled on…”

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SearchDay Week in Review

The “Secret System” of Search Engine Advertising
SearchDay, Dec. 18, 2003

Search engines have become one of the fastest growing venues in the advertising market, bringing clients from the old world of traditional advertising to the new world of paid listings. Yet while ad revenue increases for the search engines, so do the concerns for some long-time search advertisers who have invested a huge stake in the industry.

Google Introduces Book Searches
SearchDay, Dec. 17, 2003

Google has launched an experimental program that indexes excerpts of popular books, blending the content from these works into regular Google search results.

How Search Engines Make Money
SearchDay, Dec. 16, 2003

Too often, web entrepreneurs today think of search as a one-way business, focusing solely on how to make money off of the search engines without understanding how search engines also need to make money in order to survive and thrive.

Google Enhances Froogle, Offers New Ad and Search Features
SearchDay, Dec. 15, 2003

Google has beefed up its Froogle shopping search engine, introduced two new ‘quick links’ for searchers, and has added new features to its AdWords program.

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San Jose Mercury News Dec 19 2003 12:14PM GMT
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Google taking on Amazon?
Seattle Post Intelligencer Dec 19 2003 11:32AM GMT back in business as an online shopping search engine
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Online media rival sues Microsoft
BBC Dec 19 2003 6:34AM GMT
ICANN Approves Community User Groups
theWHIR Dec 18 2003 10:08PM GMT
Citysearch Optimizes for Paid Search Dec 18 2003 8:07PM GMT
Amazon, Wal-Mart fine tune online music plans
CNET Dec 18 2003 4:59PM GMT
Search Engine Marketing Recap of 2003
High Rankings Dec 18 2003 4:36PM GMT
Mobile broadband everywhere
The Register Dec 18 2003 2:08PM GMT
The IPO buzz and the beat go on at Google Dec 18 2003 12:59PM GMT
Search And Destroy
Time Dec 18 2003 11:44AM GMT
What (and Why) In the World Is Google Print?
Research Buzz Dec 18 2003 6:05AM GMT
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