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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox? Part 2
Many companies still believe they need to get users into their prospecting databases in order to market to them. But businesses capture a lot more information via social media about their consumers than they’ve ever had before. Good businesses realize though, that the relationship still needs to be cultivated. Just like dating, companies need to learn how to court their customers in social networks.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
SEO Site Structure 101, Part 2
More SEM 101 SEM 101
We began our discussion of site structure last week by looking at meta tags. This week, we continue exploring the SEO impact of site structure, including title tags, URL structure, and other on-page elements.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim
Assembling Your Landing Page Optimization Dream Team, Part 4
We’ve outlined several of the key roles needed for a successful landing page optimization program. Today, we’ll look at the final three roles: the programmer, system administrator, and quality assurance tester.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Google 2008 Review
Posted by Frank Watson Dec 29, 2008

2008 has been an up and down year for Google. From their stock price to the various products they have introduced or updated – it would seem the bloom is finally off the rose. All investors are aware that Google has had a 52 week swing of 707.95 to 247.30 this …
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UK Introducing Movie-like Website Rating System
Posted by Frank Watson Dec 29, 2008

The UK government is looking in to giving websites rating similar to those used for movies, Reuters reports, and they are reaching out to the United States to get involved. While the idea of stricter restrictions for kids’ access to certain web content may not be a bad one, the idea …
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Microsoft, Google and Apple Being Sued Over Icon Navigation
Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008

A lawsuit was filed in Arizona Federal court against Microsoft, Google and Apple by Cygnus Systems, Inc. over use of their just granted patent for “System and method for iconic software environment management.” As Ars Technica points out: “Its abstract describes “a method and system for storing, navigating, and accessing files within …
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Has eBay Hit The Wall Or Is The Economy The Reason
Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008

Motley Fool has reported that holiday spending at eBay this year is lower than last year, despite the fact that one would expect them to be a good source of lower priced gifts in these hard economic times. Meanwhile Amazon has reported higher sales numbers over last year. Are people forgoing secondhand …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Anchor Spam Can affect Website SEO Dec 29, 2008
Today i’ve posted an simply straight forward question. I’d like to know that is there any thing link Anchor Spam can affect website rankings? Personally i don’t feel, because i’ve been watching from very long time that many websites have their links in footers in their clients websites from each and every …
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Keyword Domain Vs. Brand Domain ” Strategy? Dec 24, 2008
Hello All, I was thinking about a possible ”strategy” and was looking for your opinions. What if it was possible to get a domain with a keyword I want to rank for; let”s use ”” as an example. Now let”s say I have gotten 30 links from random sites to ”” and …
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AdWords Top 10 for 2008 Dec 23, 2008
In their last blog post of the year, Google’s AdWords team has just posted their top ten favorite AdWords Blog posts for 2008! 1. Introducing Google Ad Planner 2. Improvements to Ads Quality 3. Build your own display ads in minutes 4. Keyword tool updated with search volume 5. Announcing Google Insights for Search 6. New …
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