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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Re-Thinking Link Building
I’ve yet to meet anyone who loves to chase down links, and the time involved can become costly. Is passing the task off to interns or outsourcing this important task to India the answer?
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SEW Expert - Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy

Can Crowd Sourcing Deliver Effective International SEO?
Does it make sense to outsource your translation, and therefore your search engine optimization efforts, to a bunch of well-meaning volunteers? Crowd sourcing may not be all it seems, especially when it comes to international SEO.
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Microsoft Steals Tiny Share from Yahoo! in comScore’s June 2009 Rankings
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 17, 2009

comScore has released their June 2009 rankings and the search market share landscape looks the same as it has for a long time. Yahoo! lost 0.5% of share, which Microsoft picked up the majority of, presumably with the launch of Bing. Another little nugget of hope for Microsoft: while the …
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Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 17, 2009

It’s 6:30 am. Your alarm goes off. On your Android phone. You turn it off, roll over and check your GMail before dragging yourself out of bed. You get ready to leave but learn that your normal bus line is off schedule. You use Google Transit to navigate a different …
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Scour Incorporates Real-Time Results into Regular Results
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 17, 2009

Real-time search is all the rage lately, with Twitter fueling the movement via its search of user feeds. Of course, this all really started with universal search and the addition of news results to timely keywords. Social search engine Scour is getting into the real-time search game with a rather nice …
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Google PSA: News Publishers Can Use Robots.txt to Block Us
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 17, 2009

Google is once again reminding news publishers that they do not have to be indexed by the search engine. All they have to do is slap some simple code on a robots.txt file to block the Googlebot. News publishers, for whatever reason, can’t seem to understand that Google doesn’t host their …
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Optimized Schedule for SES San Jose Plus Social Media & Video Strategies
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 17, 2009

One of my Twitter followers, b_young of California, asked me to put together an optimized schedule for both the Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose Conference & Expo, which will be held at the McEnery Convention Center August 10-14, 2009, as well as the Social Media & Video Strategies forum, …
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Hunch Adds Shortcuts to Help Users Navigate Topics
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 17, 2009

Hunch, the decision engine that launched just after that *other* decision engine, has already added an update to their site. They’ve added “shortcut topics,” which aid in navigation. If you haven’t visited Hunch yet, then you need to know that the site serves up a decision by asking you a bunch …
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BingTweets – integrated twitter search
Posted by Byron Gordon Jul 17, 2009

Microsoft is upping the ante in Twitter search with its new (though still in BETA mode) BingTweets. In cooperation with Federated Media and Twitter, this new Twitter search tool is supposed to herald the beginnings of an integrated Twitter search. Bing’s search results are at the center of …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

detecting dupe content – new content to existing site or new domain? Jul 13, 2009
*Background:* Two days ago I added 12 new pages to a site (Sat). This is on a PR2 site having about 3 relevent pages linked to it. It is a contractor & general remodeling site. here) *The site has only 3-4 pages relevent to the new content topic* and is 6+ years old. …………………………………………………. For …
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PPC Management Tool? Jul 9, 2009
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good offline tool that I can use to manage my PPC accounts in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? I love AdWords Editor, but I would love it even more if I could manage all three accounts from the same platform. It is just so tedious to …
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Anyone know whats going on here…? Jul 9, 2009
I did a backlink check on a competitors site, and they seem to have loads, I mean maybe hundreds, of links from blogs, that all follow the same sort of pattern. They all seem to be articles, that end in a keyphrase and link of some kind that have nothing much …
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