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SEW Expert - Melissa Mackey Melissa

Using Geo-Targeting to Boost Your PPC Results
Increased pay-per-click competition combined with low consumer confidence and spending levels often leads to higher cost-per-conversion for advertisers. One way to find new pockets of opportunity is by making use of geo-targeted PPC campaigns.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Community Outreach for Public Relations and Links
Reaching out to help the local community is a great way to create a positive public relations campaign in the media. Besides being a good thing to do, this will also create some much-desired links, including those from government sites.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin

Google Chrome OS: So What?
Will Google’s new Web-based operating system change the world? It’s possible, but there’s a long way to go before that happens.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

StumbleUpon’s is Now Available to All; Update SU, Twitter and Facebook Simultaneously
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2009

Last month, StumbleUpon unveiled, a tool that shortens URLs but also enables the submission of links to StumbleUpon while also offering the option to simultaneous update Twitter and Facebook. Now, has been made available to anyone. To access it, you must become a registered user of StumbleUpon. You’ll also …
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Social Network Ad Spend to Dip in 2009, Pick Back Up in 2010
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2009

eMarketer has released projections showing social network ad spending taking a dip in 2009. They attribute the decline to difficulties over at MySpace, as they try to maintain a presence in a niche being taken over by Facebook and the yet-to-be monetized Twitter. “The expected rebound in spending will come as …
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Google Adds My Location to Desktop Version of Maps
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2009

Google Maps for Mobile users have had access to a feature called My Location that does exactly what you would think: marks your current location. Now, the desktop version of Google Maps has access to that feature. You’ve got to be using a compatible browser. So, if you haven’t upgraded to …
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Is YouTube’s Lack of Profitability a Myth? (And If So, Does Google Perpetuate It?)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2009

The idea that YouTube makes no money for Google is widely held by many. Even yours truly falls for it entirely too often considering I know better. Last year, at a local interactive meetup, Google employees informed attendees of how advertisers get those specialized YouTube channels. They have to fork …
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SES San Jose Offers Sessions for Veteran Search Engine Marketers
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 9, 2009

Last week, I said “SES San Jose Offers Conference Sessions for First Time Attendees.” This year’s Search Engine Strategies conference offers lots of sessions for veteran search engine marketers, too. SES San Jose 2009 can cover both ends of the spectrum because it has five concurrent tracks. So, whether …
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2009 Search Engine Watch Awards at SES San Jose

The Search Engine Watch Awards give recognition to
excellence, as well as inspire innovation and encourage
new ideas in search marketing. We’re seeking companies that
have made a positive impact in the search industry,
advancing the industry with shining examples of what can be
accomplished. Be among the best of the best in the
industry. Submit your nomination today.
Entry deadline is July 17.

Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

PPC Management Tool? Jul 9, 2009
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good offline tool that I can use to manage my PPC accounts in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? I love AdWords Editor, but I would love it even more if I could manage all three accounts from the same platform. It is just so tedious to …
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Anyone know whats going on here…? Jul 9, 2009
I did a backlink check on a competitors site, and they seem to have loads, I mean maybe hundreds, of links from blogs, that all follow the same sort of pattern. They all seem to be articles, that end in a keyphrase and link of some kind that have nothing much …
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Internal Page Links Appearing Under Listing Jul 7, 2009
Sometimes when a listing appears #1 there are 9 links under the listing: Example type in Search Engine Watch Forums. Then the links appear Google, Adwords, etc. Q1: What is the technical/SEO name for these links? Q2: How do you code so that Google would show such links? Certainly an objective …
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