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SEW Expert - Liana Evans Liana

Understanding Social Media Communities
Social communities, whether they’re online or offline, have interesting dynamics. To make any kind of headway, you must understand and respect how each individual community functions before charging in to join the party.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

Link Building Tactics 101, Part 2
Concentrate on offering something of value to the online community/industry to demonstrate why they should visit your site. Focus on the idea of reaching out to others and building quality connections that make sense.
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SEW Expert - Joshua Palau Joshua

What Can the Recession Teach Us?
This recession is different that the 2000 dot-com bubble burst. It’s impacting how we behave personally and professionally. We’re being more responsible and looking closer at everything we do, including the world of search.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google CEO Resigns from Apple’s Board of Directors
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

Amidst investigations from the FTC and FCC and with DOJ’s antitrust head Christine Varney talking about how she wants to go after Google, Eric Schmidt has resigned from Apple’s board of directors. This has been inevitable. For awhile, the two companies didn’t really compete. But now, with Google’s Android mobile platform …
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FCC Launches Inquiry Into Google Voice iPhone App Rejection
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

DowJones is reporting that the FCC is looking into the reason for the Google Voice application being rejected for the iPhone. They’ve sent letters to Google, Apple and AT&T seeking answers as to why the VOIP (voice over the internet protocol) app was rejected. The inquiry is part of a …
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Webtrends Acquires Multivariate Testing and Optimization Company, Widemile
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

Webtrends has acquired Widemile, adding their multivariate testing and optimization services to their offering. Widemile’s platform provides advanced visitor segmentation, real-time reporting, intuitive wizards, and best practices training. “Webtrends now offers the most open, elegant and powerful analytics and optimization platform available anywhere. Our customers want to further leverage the rich …
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Google Removes Beta Label from New AdWords Interface
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

Recently, Google removed the “beta” label from a bunch of apps, including GMail. Now they’re at it again. The new AdWords interface is the latest to say goodbye to beta. If you haven’t made the upgrade, you’ll eventually be required to. But you can do so now, and here’s what to …
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Google Rolls Out Search Options to Image Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

Remember back in May when Google launched Search Options as part of its Searchology day? Well, now they’re rolling it out to Image Search as well. If you don’t remember, Search Options provides a panel on the left side of the results page which helps you filter the results. Search Options …
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BrightRoll Unveils Performance Pricing for Online Video Advertising
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 3, 2009

BrightRoll is launching Performance Pricing models for online video advertisements. They are: Cost Per Engagement (CPE): cost per each user-initiated video engagement or start Cost Per Completed Video (CPV): cost based on successful user-initiated video completion Cost Per Click (CPC): cost per click on video advertisement “Requests from advertisers seeking a broader portfolio of …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

more profitable to rank in bing? Jul 30, 2009
Considering the difference in traffic for the #1 spot and the say #3 spot (and everything below) is so extreme, would it make sense to try to rank #1 in bing and compete with nobody as opposed to trying to rank #1 in Google and competing with everybody? Of course a …
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Bid Simulator ( Aka Please jack up all of your bids) Jul 30, 2009
So I have noticed that I can now use the new bid simulator feature on a lot of my clients campaigns. In theory, this is a cool tool. However, I have seen this tool recommend for many keywords, that rank very well and with optimal campaign budgets, that I should …
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Anyone can tell me someting about “tag” Jul 30, 2009
Now our site want to use “tag”, And our site is an B2C website,so we sale electronics gadgets online, but i do not know how to do it,and i do not know what is the effect of “tag”, anyone can tell me?Or could you show me serveal sites had used …
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internal linking & Google’s algorithm Jul 30, 2009
I’ve always believed any page could only distribute a certain amount of link authority. In other words even if you link out to 1,000 pages from a page on your site you would ‘lose’ only as much link authority (pagerank) as if you’d link out to 1 (external) page from …
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