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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Targeting People Who Control the Links
High-quality links from the right sites can increase rankings and referral traffic. Here’s how to find them.
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SEW Expert - Jason Tabeling Jason

Google Bid Simulator: A Step Toward Efficiency, Volume
While some data in Google’s new tool isn’t available for all keywords, it’s still a must-have for search marketers making bid management decisions.
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SEW Expert - Michael Bonfils Michael

Baidu — The SEO Perspective
If China is, or will be, a big piece of your international search marketing plans, start your SEO efforts on Baidu now.
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Bing’s Growth Slows, Google Recoups Losses in comScore September 2009 Report
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 15, 2009

comScore has released their search engine share report for September 2009 and we’re seeing yet another twist in the “Can Bing catch up with Google?” saga. You may remember that Bing has been on quite a roll since launch gaining over 1 percentage point, with Google and Yahoo! trading off …
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We Watch More YouTube Videos than We Conduct Google Searches
Posted by Greg Jarboe Oct 15, 2009

Now, we all know search is important. And we all know that Google is the leading search engine. But here’s a factoid that continues to amaze marketers: In August 2009, Americans watched 10 billion videos on YouTube. That same month, Americans conducted 9 billion searches on Google. Yep, Americans watched a …
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Great news for Search Engine Watch, Clickz and Search Engine Strategies.
Posted by Mike Grehan Oct 15, 2009

When I joined Incisive Media as VP, Global Content Director for Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies in August of this year, it was amid some unfounded speculation about the financial health of the company. It’s so true that, nothing travels faster than rumors of doom and gloom. So-and-so …
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Facebook: Oh Yeah? Well, We Have a Spam Reporting Option, Too
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 15, 2009

A day after Twitter released their new spam reporting feature, Facebook has taken to their official blog to remind users that they, too, have a spam reporting feature. What a kwinkydink!?!?! It’s funny to me that Facebook responds to Twitter as they do. As Leena Rao points out over at TechCrunch, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Need Traffic Solution Oct 13, 2009
Hello Dear Members, I am facing some big problems in my traffic. Since Last 3 months i am having bit trouble. My 90% Traffic is coming from the region which i am not targeting. I have checked my keywords ranking and found out there is slight change in some of my Keywords …
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Google Holding Back Newer Sites Oct 12, 2009
Hi I am working on a client’s site in a very competitive market ‘Mortgages’, we have optimized it and have a good monthly link building plan going on, however we always seem to be around page 20 for the our most competitive term. It is my theory that Google holds …
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google denying url removal request Oct 10, 2009
Can someone advise how I can get some obsolete urls removed form google index. The pages have been deleted and my server returns a 404 error for these pages. I have also disallowed the urls in robots.txt. But my url removal requests keep getting denied with google’s usual lack of information as …
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