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GMail? A Good Thing or April Fools

“Some are speculating that it is poor timing and an April Fools joke. But every news agency is running with it. Is it real?”

Linking to ‘Expert’ Documents?
Best Practices Forums

“With PageRank (read ‘The PageRank citation: bringing order to the web’), they do have a concept of ‘PageRank sinks’ which are dead ends on the web map, with no outlinks. More recently there has been discussion of ‘hoarding PageRank.’ It is very reasonable to suggest that Google doesn’t like a site that doesn’t link out at all.”

Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool – Country Specific?
Cre8asite Forums

“I wonder if anyone knows whether the search term suggestion tool provides search terms which are country specific. ie if I use the tool from the UK will it provide the number of searches made in the UK or worldwide for a specific term?”

Divining Relevance
High Rankings Forum

“The nice thing about this exercise is that it gives you a more accurate way to judge relevance for a generic search term. It’s not perfect (perfect is impossible in this case), but it’s proven very useful.”

Domain Hosting and Eggs In A Basket
High Rankings Forum

“I wondered what others views were on domain and website hosting: do you use different web hosting companies for different websites or are all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak?”

Ballmer: “MSN Search – Coming Next Year”
Webmaster World

“Microsoft – Setting new standards for vaporware: ‘…hopes to have some of its own search technology development done in the next 12 months’…”

Google Out With a New Look!
Best Practices Forums

“I wonder the impact of this design on the AdWords. Will the CTR [click through rate” increase, with AdWords not having any color in the background?”

Could DMOZ Be Dead Soon?
Webmaster World

“Take a look at the new Google look. The Google directory is noticeably absent. You have to dig in order to find it. Will this kill DMOZ?” Just Switched to Yahoo Search
Webmaster World

“How depressing. The web’s best advanced search page is now gone. The word filter section now only offers title or text. All of the link related options have been removed.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Google Launches Gmail, Free Email Service
SearchDay, Mar. 31, 2004

Google is launching a new web-based email service called Gmail that it hopes it will allow people to search their email as easily as they search the web — as well as provide Google with a more permanent connection to its users.

Paid Search Programs Finally Growing Up
SearchDay, Mar. 31, 2004

The search industry has come a long way since the days of running poorly targeted banner advertisements on search results pages. Enhanced keyword targeting capabilities and powerful new bidding and analysis tools have raised the value of search as a promotional channel.

Google Loses Tabs In New Look, Gains Web Alerts & Personalized Search Results
SearchDay, Mar. 30, 2004

Google has rolled a new look that involves dropping its famed search tabs, along with debuting a web alerts service and a personalized search results option.

Dogpile Enhances Toolbar with News Feeds
SearchDay, Mar. 29, 2004

Dogpile has rolled out a new version of its toolbar that adds an intriguing twist to its well-known web search capabilities, providing a built-in ‘ticker’ that tracks your favorite RSS feeds.

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The Register Mar 31 2004 9:38PM GMT
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