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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Is One-Stop Media Buying a Failed Model?
Once merely an afterthought in the media buying process, auction-based media has changed everything for everybody. Or has it? Is it possible that some things just don’t fit? The media buying model has yet to achieve the much-hyped shift that so many pundits predicted a short time ago.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Writing Sales Copy For Conversions, Part 2
Once visitors end up on your landing page, you’re no longer competing for their attention with other Web sites, so change the focus to the task they’re trying to accomplish. You’re missing an enormous opportunity by not creating a hype-free zone on your landing page.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

Testing Your Online Business Plan
When a small business fails at search marketing, more often than not the problem boils down to a poorly thought-out business plan. Monetizing a Web site is so much more than slapping some ads on a page and waiting for the checks to roll in. You need to create a business plan, and test viability of that plan before you spend any money on marketing and development.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

The Better You Rank…the Better You Rank!
The more popular your Web site is, the better the likelihood that your Web site will rank. You need to maintain momentum in your SEO and general marketing efforts to keep a steady flow of traffic coming to your Web site.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Even Google Can’t Save Print Media
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 21, 2009

Google announced it is discontinuing its print advertising program February 28 and stop running ads March 31. Seems even Google cannot help the slow demise of print media. Started in 2006, Google added the ability to place classified ads in over 50 newspapers throughout the United States and had reached over …
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Are Social Media Experts Ruining Twitter?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 21, 2009

Over at, Michael Pinto laments the volume of social media tweets and tweeple he’s coming across on the popular social network, Twitter. He is frustrated about the constant stream of social media dribble that self-proclaimed social media gurus and experts put forth in their tweets. He says they autofollow …
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As Goes Google So Goes The Economy?
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 21, 2009

Forbes just published a piece about “Google as Economic Barometer”. It has some merit and a lot of details. Basically stating “Investors searching Google’s fourth-quarter earnings may see clues about the state of the Internet ad business, the economy and the future of the company itself.” Dropping various products like Print …
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Live Search Offers Tips for Optimizing Large Sites
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 21, 2009

If you have or work for a large site, search engine optimization can be quite the undertaking. Jeremiah Andrick over at the Live Search Webmaster blog is offering tips for optimizing for their particular engine. Of course, he has an interesting case to work with: The first tip he offered …
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New York City and Google Team Up for New Information Center
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 21, 2009

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg guest blogged on the Official Google Blog today to announce a new website and Information Center. The effort is a partnership between NYC and Google. The new site is The site uses Google Maps and the physical location can be found at 810 Seventh …
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Twitter Passes Digg For Usage, Is Facebook Next?
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 21, 2009

Seems Twitter may be the “next big thing” in social media. Hitwise reports it has surpassed Digg for usage – but realistically the two are different types of social media, though Twitter does have the recommendation aspects of Digg. Comparisons to Facebook may be more realistic. Twitter has come to replace …
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SEO is Alive and Well and Looking for a Fight at SES London
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jan 21, 2009

Yesterday, Mike Grehan wrote a guest comment for Netimperative entitled, â””Who says community isnâ””t search?â”” According to Mike, â””SEO’s glory days are over. And we should get over it.â”” Back on June 11, 2007, Mike wrote a column for ClickZ entitled, â””SEO is Dead. Long Live, er, the Other …
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Delve Networks Releases Impressive Obama Inauguration Speech Video Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 21, 2009

Delve Networks has released an awesome tool that lets you search Obama’s inauguration speech video. When you type in a keyword, the parts of the timeline where the keyword was mentioned are highlighted. Here’s a visual: Next, when you put your mouse over one of the highlighted areas, a bubble appears …
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2009 SEMPO InHouse Salary Survey is open Jan 16, 2009
Again this year we’re running the In-House salary survey. *Click here to take the survey.* ( As with last year, we’ll be sharing two levels of data: A summary view for non-members, and a deeper view with members. That said, you DO NOT have to be a SEMPO member to participate. The survey is anonymous, …
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Duplicate pages Jan 21, 2009
How detrimental are duplicate to SEO? One of my clients have several URLs for one page. For example They all go to the same home page. What are the implications?
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SEM is illegal – Unless you are licensed Jan 19, 2009
Catchy headline or reality? We work with a number companies in the financial services sector and more and more we are getting legal opinions that we, as an advertising agency for companies, need to be licensed in many states to provide marketing services to these companies. With the economy tanking and …
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