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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank
Porn and Gambling: Canaries in the SEM Coal Mine?
Many advances in marketing on the Web are the result of spending by the profitable and competitive porn and gambling industries. Recent lawsuits in both industries might help us again, by pointing out some specific areas for marketers to keep an eye on.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien
Use Humor for Link Marketing
Humor is a great form of content that will give people a reason to link to your content, and help it spread virally. The challenge for most sites is coming up with something funny. Here are some ideas that can be used by everyone, regardless of the size of your marketing budget.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
Trick or Tweet for CNN
Social media is revolutionary. It allows CNN anchor Rick Sanchez to have a relationship with 30,000 people, and make a connection with them that can translate to other media. Companies need to relinquish the total control they’ve had and allow users, consumers, viewers, etc. to take their rightful ownership.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Regulators to Prevent Google from Bailing Out Yahoo?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 31, 2008

Washington is on a bailout binge lately, so you would think they’d hop on board when it looks like the private sector could actually manage to work things out on their own. Like, I don’t know, the search advertising deal between Google and Yahoo. Yes, there are concerns from the …
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We Are What We Search
Posted by Greg Jarboe Oct 31, 2008

Bill Tancer, the General Manager of Research at Hitwise and one of the keynote speakers at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, will be interviewed by Matt McGowan, Global VP of Marketing at Incisive Media, during an SES Webcast on Friday, Nov. 7, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. PDT. …
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Google to Change Calculations for Quality Score and Ad Rank
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 31, 2008

Changes are coming to the way AdWords calculates its Quality Score and Ad Rank. The changes will be implemented in the coming weeks. First up, Quality Score will no longer take ad position into account. The idea is that simply dishing out the dough for a higher position has nothing …
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Yellowbook Launches G1 Mobile Application
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 30, 2008

Local business publisher Yellowbook has launched a new mobile application for the G1, the brand new Android-powered phone. Yellowbook already has apps for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and the iPhone. If you want to download it to your phone, follow these instructions: Tap the Browser icon on the home page.Tap Go to …
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New Launches; Due Diligence on Yahoo Merger Reported
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 30, 2008

When I read that launched a new homepage, I naturally hopped on over there to see what the new look, um, looked like. It looked the same, except with dark blue trim and web 2.0 stripes in the background for good measure. Otherwise, it still holds the same basic design …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Multiple Domain Names = Multiple Page Ranks Oct 31, 2008
We often create websites that have more than one domain name. For instance, because we are Canadian, our customers often register .ca domains but also register .com domains for “global presence” and just to make sure we get all of those people who type .com by accident. We usually do …
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Role of Meta Tags Oct 31, 2008
Hello Everybody, …
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‘Links pages’ on websites Oct 31, 2008
Here’s 2 thoughts for you: 1. We have some content sites with a page of links to other sites. This is quite common for many sites. When I do a Google query site:, every page in the site has been stored except for the sponsors and links pages. 2. If I go …
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