SearchDay Week In Review

Data Mining the Lycos 50
April 10, 2003
– Dig deep within the Lycos 50 list of most popular search terms and you’ll find a wealth of fascinating information that not only reveals trends but serves as a goldmine for search engine optimization efforts.

Monitoring Web Pages 24 Hours a Day
April 09, 2003
– If you regularly visit web pages looking for new or updated information, you’ll save countless hours by automating the process with software that tracks changes for you — even while you sleep.

SearchDay – Happy Birthday, Ask Jeeves!
April 08, 2003
– Ask Jeeves, an online question answering service that has gradually morphed into a search engine, officially launched its site six years ago.

SearchDay – Yahoo Moves to Revitalize Search
April 07, 2003
– Yahoo today rolled out changes designed to speed up and enhance the search experience, marking its most significant departure yet from its traditional roots as a web directory.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

The I-Search Discussion List
“By finally ending the grand parenting on the archaic .01 bid minimum, Overture might have actually done you a favor. It’s all too easy to focus on bargains rather than ROI [return on investment”, to the point where you get stuck in a rut relying on a business model premised on unsustainable assumptions.”

Recovering from FFA [free for all” links
ihelpyou Forums
“I got my website up and running and one of the first things I did was submit it to an automated FFA [free for all links” program. …I understand NOW that it was a stupid thing to do.”

Independent relevance test
Webmaster World Forums
“…this study show the need for a standard for relevancy, as spelled out by Danny Sullivan some weeks ago in ClickZ. If the search engines do not work together on a standard others will – and they most likely won’t like it.”

Does changing IP [Internet Protocol” address affect ranking?
ihelpyou Forums
“Google’s DNS [domain name system” servers have been known to be very slow at times. Therefore, you may want to think about leaving the old stuff up for about a month, before taking it down.”

Local company wants to sue for use of keywords
Webmaster World Forums
“What is the limit on … using “city name and service type” in the title when used strictly for keyword visibility? …I just received a letter from their attorney asking me to cease and desist my use of this.”

Yahoo to launch revamped search engine
Webmaster World Forums
“Anyone want to guess how long Google’s going to continue to provide results to Yahoo?”

Should SEOs hire professional copywriters?
ihelpyou Forums
“Any SEO [search engine optimization provider” who finally figures out that they’d be better off with a professional copywriter on board will see their business grow to new levels, they never imagined.”

Search Engine Watch launches redesigned site
Webmaster World Forums
“I’ve been thinking about an article on the changes, but since there’s a thread going, I’ll dive in and see if I can answer some questions and stuff.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Google’s porn filters under fire
ZDNet Apr 11 2003 2:28PM GMT
Yahoo pushes enterprise IM
ZDNet Apr 11 2003 1:28PM GMT
Yahoo asks users to ‘Save Smiley’ Apr 11 2003 12:02PM GMT
Yahoo sits on $2bn hoard Apr 11 2003 11:06AM GMT
Analytics boost Discovery.coms search engine traffic by 300%, sales by 35% Apr 11 2003 9:30AM GMT
Lycos Signs with DoubleClick for Subscription Services Apr 11 2003 5:08AM GMT
Enterprise Search Engine Technology Strikes Gold Apr 10 2003 10:08PM GMT
Google News Tries to Separate PR, News Apr 10 2003 8:44PM GMT
Insurance giant fails in porn site domain challenge
Demys Apr 10 2003 4:40PM GMT
Lycos adds Web-to-phone support to MMS service
New Media Age Apr 10 2003 12:33PM GMT
Yahoo Revises Estimates Upward, Reports Profit Apr 10 2003 11:44AM GMT
Iraqi Currency Hot on EBay
Wired News Apr 10 2003 10:41AM GMT
Google filter blocks innocuous sites
MSNBC Apr 10 2003 6:02AM GMT
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