SearchDay: Microsoft to Give Cash Back to Searchers

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Eric Enge
The Challenge of Mobile Web Analytics
» BY THE NUMBERS: Understanding Web Analytics and ROI
One of the biggest challenges resulting from the growth in mobile Web use is measurement. Conventional Web analytics applications don’t do a good job of tracking mobile Web site usage, making it difficult to tune and enhance your mobile Web site’s performance.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Ryan
Yellow Pages and Search
» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practices
Yellow pages directories and search engines are hopelessly intertwined as directories feed search queries and search queries feed directories. A new spin on the old book might just connect the dots.
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Microsoft to Launch “Live Search Cashback”
Posted by Kevin Heisler
The program, in partnership with eBay and its PayPal unit, will offer cash back to consumers who search on Microsoft Live and make a purchase.
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Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast
Posted by Kevin Heisler
While some critics have criticized the program as a bribe, in practice it’s no different than Google Checkout rebates or DoubleClick Performics CPA campaigns for retailers.
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Not Even a Little Evil
Posted by Eli Feldblum
While the law may be outrageous in its limitation of free speech (my opinion), Google’s response to it was far from. And it certainly wasn’t evil. If Google wants to operate in India, their local branch must follow local laws.
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Google Opens Up About Search Quality, Kinda
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google has secrets, especially when it comes to their algorithms. And who can blame them? But today on the Official Google blog, Udi Manber, VP Engineering, Search Quality, offered up insight into the teams that work on Google’s core product.
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Search Engine Strategies Toronto Adds 3 Conference Sessions
Posted by Greg Jarboe
While attendees can only attend one of the three sessions, because they are being held concurrently, each one is aimed at a different point in the learning curve.
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Google Earth Gets Layer for News
Posted by Nathania Johnson
“Google Earth now shows an ever-changing world of human activity as chronicled by reporters worldwide.”
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YouTube Tops UK Social Media Sites for April 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson
YouTube topped the list for the seventh straight month in a row.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Microsoft Live Search to Launch Microsoft Live Search Cash Back
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Microsoft Live Search plans to announce a cashback program for consumers who buy products after searching online with Live. Do you think that will increase Microsoft’s share of searches?
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Cookied Pages (Robots.txt)
Posted by VictorEdinian
My apologies for the long post. I guess essentially wanted to know how much of a penalty serving two separate pages will bring my client.
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Web Designing and SEO
Posted by naman
People tend to confuse whether website designing is actually responsible for search engine optimization. What are the things that are included in web designing which, result in better SEO?
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