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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
Obama is Winning the Internet War
Election Day in the U.S. is fast approaching and it’s anyone’s guess who will win…or is it? Based on five key indicators on the Internet, maybe we already know who will next be sitting in the Oval Office. A look at these indicators shows how they can be applied to your business.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien
Content Promotion for Link Marketing
Even if your content is great and deserving of links, you won’t get very far if no one knows about it. The Web already has a ton of great content and more added each day. You need to promote your content to get noticed.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Googloomy Times, Desperate Measures
Crashing markets, bank bailouts, and government investments in the private sector are the new norm. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to avoid being caught up in the hoopla. If you’re smart about it, you might just benefit from the downside and create your own upside.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim
Landing Page Optimization: Guessing vs. Testing
Even the most experienced experts will be wrong much of the time because no one person can envision the diverse needs of all visitors who find your page. Even if the expert knew everything about every visitor, they would find that their needs often are contradictory. The real experts on the design of your landing pages are your Web site visitors.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Releases Display Ad Builder
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008

Following in MySpace’s footsteps, Google’s AdWords has released a display advertising builder. Now, you can create your own ad right in AdWords without hiring a designer (Sorry, designers!). While advertising art may suffer (you did used to hire that designer for a reason, didn’t you?), many people are looking for ways …
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Google Webmaster Tools Adds Hack Alert For CMS Programs
Posted by Frank Watson Oct 16, 2008

Google will be alerting sites to possible hacks of their CMS programs the Google Webmaster Central blog announced today. Nice addition guys. The Google team seems to be adding a lot of helpful tools lately. The links to 404 pages report is another of these which I am writing about in …
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FCC Chairman Kevin Martin in Favor of Freeing Up White Space TV Spectrum
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is in favor of freeing up the “white spaces” in the tv spectrum between television stations. While concerns over interference have been made by some groups, testing has not shown that to be a problem. As Techdirt points out, the complications found in testing were from …
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magnify360 Launches New Paid Search Tool: Google Cost Optimizer
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008

Search marketing company magnify360 today announced the availability of Google Cost Optimizer. The tool syncs up in real-time with their clients’ AdWords accounts and offers automatic responsees to campaign changes such as bids, Ad groups, and keywords. Eventually, other advertising networks will be added and integrated with magnify360’s platform. Here are …
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Zillow Unveils Automated Quote API
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008

Real estate search site Zillow has released a new API for automated quotes. With the API, lenders can automate custom quotes to borrowers submitting loan requests. The API will be made available over the next few weeks and will have 5 initial technology partners: Leads360, Mortech, Mortgagebot, NYLX and Optimal …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Top Ten Organic SEO Myths Oct 16, 2008
Top Ten Organic SEO Myths Myth 1: You should submit your URLs to search engines. Myth 2: You need a Google Sitemap. Myth 3: You need to update your site frequently Myth 4: PPC ads will help/hurt rankings. Myth 5: Your site will be banned if you ignore Google”s guidelines. Myth 6: Your site will be …
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Another Wise Strategic Move By Yahoo! Oct 16, 2008
Yes, hindsight is 20/20 and being an armchair quarterback is unfair, but man is it freaking fun. Yahoo stock at under $12!!! and it’s still not a recommended buy! Sure glad they passed up that $35 dollar per share offer from MS and gave up nearly 60% of the companies value in …
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Dear Google, Oct 15, 2008
Dear Google, I really would like more control over my ads in the Content Network. Meaning, the ability to target independent campaigns to each critical component of the Network (below) with reporting for each so I can see performance. Important Components of the AdWords Content Network 1. Error Pages 2. Parked Domains 3. Blogs 4. Gmail 5. …
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