Search Engine Milestones for July 2003

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

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July 1

Ask Jeeves Completes Sale of Its Enterprise Software Unit to Kanisa
As part of the agreement, Kanisa acquired substantially all assets of Jeeves Solutions including the JeevesOne technology, its approximately 35 corporate customer accounts and the majority of its employees.

Singingfish Announces Re-Launch of Website
Singingfish, Inc. announced today the launch of their newly redesigned website offering end-users an upgraded experience to quickly find, play and/or download tens of millions of streaming media files in popular categories such as music, movies, sports, finance and business.

July 2

Singingfish And Jibe Enter Strategic Partnership
Under terms of the partnership, Singingfish will offer customers of Jibe’s EdgeBurst software paid inclusion advertising opportunities within Singingfish-powered search engines such as those found on the world’s leading media players. Jibe will also add Singingfish audio video search capabilities to its EdgeBurst web site.

July 7

Moreover Technologies Integrates Real-Time Relevant News Content Into Yahoo News Search
By clicking on the “News” tab on Yahoo Search or searching within Yahoo News users will be able to access breaking news from more than 3,500 sources that are continually updated and customized to their specific search.

Overture Extends And Expands International Commercial Search Relationship With MSN
Overture has extended its existing paid placement search agreement to provide search results to users of MSN Search, which is accessible through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser software, in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea through December 2004.

July 8

LookSmart Announces New Generation of LookListings
LookSmart today announced the industry’s most advanced paid inclusion product. New LookListings will make it easier for businesses of all sizes to purchase cost-effective traffic and manage their campaigns across the LookSmart Network of distribution partners. LookListings replaces the company’s former “Small Business Listings” and “Large Business Listings” products.

July 9

GO TOAST Launches Enhanced Online Marketing Conversion and ROI Tracking Service
The new technology provides GO TOAST customers with the capability to seamlessly and transparently integrate their website with the GO TOAST online marketing and conversion tracking toolset, without having to deploy specialized tracking code on their own website.

LookSmart Announces Multi-Year Search Distribution Agreement with Lycos
As part of the agreement, LookSmart will provide its new commercial search product to Lycos beginning late in the third quarter of 2003. LookSmart will become the primary provider of general Web search results for a large number of high-value commercial terms.

July 14

Yahoo to Acquire Overture
Under the terms of the agreement, each outstanding common share of Overture will receive 0.6108 shares of Yahoo common stock and $4.75 in cash, reflecting an aggregate purchase price of approximately $1.63 billion, or $1.52 billion net of Overture’s March 31, 2003 cash balance

July 17

DealTime Delivers Roi Tracking Tool To Help Merchants Measure Success
DealTime today launched The DealTime ROI Tracker to enable all merchants to measure the return on their investment in the DealTime network.

Overture Extends U.S. Search Agreement With HP And Expands Relationship Into Canada
Under the terms of the agreement, Overture will provide its paid placement search results to users of the HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario lines of notebook and desktop PCs. Overture said it expects its commercial search results to be available to HPs Canadian users this summer.

Google And Switchboard Introduce Content-Targeted Advertising On Yellow Pages
Switchboard Incorporated today announced an agreement with Google that integrates content-targeted advertisements through the Google AdSense program into the Switchboard Yellow Pages.

July 22

Steve Berkowitz Named President of Ask Jeeves, Inc.
Berkowitz, the president of the Company’s Web Properties division, will now be President of Ask Jeeves, Inc. He will continue to report to the Company’s CEO, A. George “Skip” Battle. As president, Berkowitz will focus on continuing to grow Ask Jeeves’ market share and enhancing its search technology assets.

July 23

Overture Selected as English Service Search Provider on Canadian Portal
Overture will serve up to five paid placement search listings at the top of the search results pages and three at the bottom. Additionally, Overture will provide algorithmic search results on the remainder of the search results page through its recent acquisition of the Web search unit of FAST

Stanford and Ten Top Biomedical Societies to Adopt the Vivisimo Clustering Engine
Vivmsimo, Inc. today announced that ten top biomedical societies and presses have selected Vivisimos Clustering Engine to provide categorized search results at their journal websites, which are hosted by Stanford Universitys HighWire Press. Selects Google for Targeted Advertising and Web Search
Google’s web search is now available on all pages of the website. When users search the web using Google, targeted advertising also appears on the search result pages based on a user’s specific search query.

July 24

Dogpile Offers Private-Label Web Search Toolbar; Signs as First Customer
The Dogpile Toolbar is a downloadable browser plug-in that combines Dogpile Web search, which draws together the best results from the leading search engines, with InfoSpace online yellow and white pages

LookSmart Records One-Billionth Paid Click
LookSmart today announced that it has delivered its one-billionth paid introduction, making it the first paid search inclusion provider to reach this milestone.

July 28

Overture And Knight Ridder Digital Announce Full Service Search Agreement
Overtures top paid placement search results will appear on Knight Ridder Digitals Web sites. Additionally, Overture will leverage its algorithmic, or Web-wide, search capabilities, from its recent acquisition of the Web search unit of FAST to serve the Web-wide results on the remainder of the search page.

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