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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin

Google Changes Course on Nofollow
Google used to advise SEOs that using the nofollow attribute on internal links could help save PageRank for more important pages. Now Matt Cutts has said that’s no longer the case.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

SEO Challenges of Restructuring a Site
It’s one thing to make simple changes, where a page on the new site corresponds exactly to every page on your old site. But it’s much tougher when you’re making more fundamental changes to the layout, organization, and content of your site.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

15 Social Media Maxims for Marketers
With social media moving so quickly, how can companies and marketers stand a chance at keeping up with it all? First, admit that you can’t keep up. Then, consider these fundamental principles to help you keep your sanity and reap a healthy return.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

GM Won’t Come Back from Bankruptcy, If Searches are Any Indication
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 4, 2009

Hitwise has released disturbing data on searches for GM brands. As, I’m sure you’re aware, GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past Monday and the spin from the company is that they hope to come back. But if searches are any indicator, that hope isn’t based in reality. There is …
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Google Releases AdWords Editor 7.5.1 for Windows and Mac
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 4, 2009

Google has released a new version of its AdWords Editor and there are some new features to look forward to. CSV import has been added. Google says this was requested by many advetisers. Making changes on a spreadsheet or custom app can now be imported. Next is the ability to download selected …
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Google Launches Local Search Application for Android
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 4, 2009

“Places Directory” is a new app for Android that finds businesses that are close to your location. The app will list various business categories, such as restaurants, hotels and banks. Click on a category and get a listing with distance and star ratings. Click on an individual listing to see …
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training Workshops Offered Following SES Toronto Conference
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 4, 2009

This just handed me: Search Engine Strategies is offering search engine marketing training workshops following next week’s SES conference and expo in Toronto. In case you’ve been pre-occupied by other news and events, the largest search engine marketing conference and expo in Canada will be held at the Sheraton …
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Google Search Appliance 6.0 Searches Documents by the Billions
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 4, 2009

Google is releasing a new version of the software that runs on Search Appliance. Version 6.0 can search billions of documents. They’re also releasing a new hardware Search Appliance that can search 30 million documents. Google Search Appliance can be deployed to search billions of documents in 5 racks of about …
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Yahoo! Search Update for June 2009 Underway
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 4, 2009

If you’re noticing some change in your Yahoo! rankings, you’re not alone. Yahoo! announced that they’re rolling out an index update. If you’ve noticed any changes, do share in the comments. These announcements are always vague and short, so I’ve called upon Keyboard Cat to play this post off…. …
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Denver’s Affiliate Convention Is A Free For All: Free Attendance, Free Parties
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 4, 2009

Affiliate Convention is using an interesting approach to their first conference – being held June 17-20th if you include the social activities – at Denver’s Convention Center. All affiliates get in free with the companies they act as affiliates for picking up the tab. The idea of the affiliates who bring …
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Twitter Blocked By Great Firewall of China
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 4, 2009

Seems the Chinese government is not a fan of Twitter. Access to the social media site has been blocked in China, according to ASSME. Free speech is not an option in China and the blocking of Twitter is another instance of this. One wonders what impact this will have on the …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Get myself removed from an Adwords Acct Jun 3, 2009
A past client added me to her Adwords Account. Now they have disappeared, and I’d like to be removed from that account and start my own. Since I don’t have admin access, how do I get myself off their account? Any help would be appreciated.
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PPC listings at the right side of youtube search? Jun 2, 2009
I just typed in “southern france” into youtube, and at the right side of the “organic video search results” there were 5 or so videos by youtube users named “travelvideostore” and other commerical sounding names. Has anyone seen this before? Seems like youtube is using something very similar to adwords in …
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Does Google show translate option Jun 2, 2009
If you are sitting in Sweden and you search for something on google it will take you to by default. But if you have google toolbar in your browser then you can change the datacenter of google (while searching through …
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