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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Link Building? How About Link Optimization?
There’s an expression in the sales business that the “easiest sale that you will ever make is to upsell an existing client.” Well, in link building, one of the best and easiest links that you can get is to modify a link that you already have.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

Social Media Insights from TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer
TripAdvisor, with over 20 million reviews and opinions, was practicing the principles of social media long before it became the buzzword of the day. We sat down with the founder and CEO to get some insight into the company’s success.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

SEO Tools 101, Part 1
Getting started in SEO can be overwhelming, but your job can be made easier with the right tools. Here’s an introduction to some of the keyword tools, site-grading tools and linking tools that will give you an edge in your search engine optimization efforts.
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Google Adds Like-Image Search and News Timeline to Labs
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 22, 2009

Google employees get 20% of their time to work on non-assigned projects. Sometimes when they do, the result is some pretty cool stuff that Google adds to its products. This time, Google has announced that two 20% projects have made their way into Google Labs (aka Google’s experimental playground). The two …
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Jeeves Makes a Comeback in the UK
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 22, 2009 is bringing back Jeeves, the friendly butler mascot that started it all off in 1997. Not only is the icon back, but Ask is returning to its brand Ask Jeeves in the UK as well. Jeeves also got a makeover…
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‘Family Guy’ Tops Internal Search List for Hulu
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 22, 2009

Hitwise has compiled a list of the top internal searches at The following list is the top 10 searches during the week of March 21, 2009: family guy transformers cartoon lie to me the office keeping up with the kardashians 24 battlestar galactica bones damages the simpsons In the top 100, Hitwise says 83 were television-related. 8 were Law and …
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Digg Pulls Out of Exclusive Ad Contract with Microsoft
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 22, 2009

Digg is ending its 3 year exclusive online advertising contract with Microsoft a year early, according to ClickZ. Starting in July, Digg will form its own advertising deals. Microsoft will be kept in the inventory reserve. Don’t expect there to be bad blood between the two parties. There was always an …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Broad match conudrum Apr 21, 2009
I have a client with broad match keyword ‘French Riviera Honeymoon’. I ran a query report and found that the following keywords had triggered and ad and a click – Italian Riviera Vacation – Paris Vacation I think that’s a stretch and so does my client. What do you think?
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Question on working with a client Apr 16, 2009
I built a website for a client and then installed Google Analytics for him. Everything is set up under my username and email. Now he wants me to run AdWords for him; that’s great but I want him to enter his credit card so it’s charged monthly. …
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Organic v Adwords – Any recent studies re click preferences? Apr 14, 2009
The consensus regarding how many users preference organic search results over “sponsored links” is that it’s around 2/3 organic, 1/3 sponsored. I haven’t seen anything that breaks this out further, because it’s really not that simple. I know that when I’m searching for *information*, I totally ignore sponsored links. However, if …
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