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Today’s SearchDay features headlines only as we wrap up the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, California.

The event has been our largest conference ever, running over four days this past week. We’ve had keynote addresses from Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and Yahoo’s senior vice president of search and marketplace Jeff Weiner.

We’ve also had dozens of panels and presentations from more than 100 of the search engine industry’s foremost experts. It’s been a fascinating week.

I’ll be running coverage in SearchDay of all of the panels that made their debut this past week. Watch for the reports beginning late next month.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Search engine wars heat up
USA Today Aug 21 2003 12:28PM GMT
Anti-spam legislation not effective, FTC chief says
Computer Weekly Aug 21 2003 12:04PM GMT
Are You Ready To Hire a Search Engine Optimization Firm?
Search Engine Guide Aug 21 2003 11:22AM GMT
Search Engine Marketing Forces Unite Aug 21 2003 10:53AM GMT
Google Wild About Commoditizing Search Aug 21 2003 10:53AM GMT
Users Love Google, Ask Jeeves Gains Admirers Aug 21 2003 10:53AM GMT
Disney, Terra Lycos Bundle Content/Access Aug 21 2003 10:53AM GMT
No date for IPO yet – Google
ZDNet Aug 21 2003 9:29AM GMT
Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Founded, Site Launches
URLwire Aug 21 2003 4:44AM GMT
Overture Looks for Deep Matches Aug 20 2003 2:54PM GMT
Search engine race gets hotter
Washington Times Aug 20 2003 1:16PM GMT
Yahoo considers spurning Google for Inktomi
ZDNet Aug 20 2003 12:02PM GMT
DoubleClick expands search range
Netimperative Aug 20 2003 10:56AM GMT
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