Search Engine Milestones for April 2004

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month. Announcements without links to online versions were received via email.

Warning: The links and descriptions below are from official press releases, and may contain marketing hyperbole, claims or euphemisms not necessarily endorsed by Search Engine Watch.

April 1

Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail

Google Inc. today announced it is testing a preview release of Gmail, a free search-based webmail service with a storage capacity of up to eight billion bits of information, the equivalent of 500,000 pages of email per user.

April 5

NetIQ to Acquire First Place Software WebPosition Business

WebPosition Gold is a search engine optimization software solution. Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other organizations around the world use WebPosition Gold to optimize their Web pages to attract greater numbers of qualified visitors to their sites. and KeepMedia Form Content and Co-Marketing Partnership

Visitors to who search or browse among the sites thousands of topical news pages will be able to dive deeper into premium and archival content via content from KeepMedia, including thousands of articles that cannot be retrieved by any other news search engines.

April 14

iProspect Reports on Search Engine User Attitudes

iProspect has released a series of press releases highlighting key findings of recent studies they conducted about search engine user attitudes.

April 21

InfoSpace and Google Extend Search Provider Relationship

InfoSpace, Inc. today announced it has extended its agreement to distribute Google search results through its network of Web search properties and partner Web sites until 2006.

April 26

Yahoo Messenger Offers Deeper Integration with Games, Music and Search

People now have easier access to search the Web via a query box integrated directly into the instant messaging application. Yahoo Messenger consumers can also type search shortcuts directly into their conversations and share results instantaneously with friends.

April 27

Google Alert Releases Personalized Search Technology

The new SightPoint personalization technology automatically rates new search results based on their similarity to results the user has clicked on before. SightPoint uses Bayesian statistics, made popular by spam email filters.

April 29

Google Inc. Files Registration Statement with the SEC for an Initial Public Offering

Google Inc. announced today that it has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock.

LookSmart Acquires Net Nanny

LookSmart today announced that it has acquired the business and assets of Net Nanny for approximately $5 million in cash and stock from privately held BioNet Systems LLC.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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