SearchDay: More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets

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SEW Expert - David Szetela David

More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets
Learn how to use personas and bucket lists to create huge killer keyword lists like the pros.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Trademarked Terms: Guaranteed Conversions, Guaranteed Controversy
To buy or not to buy trademarked competitor keywords. That’s the question search marketers face when tempted with high-converting competitor brand terms.
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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg

The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow
Gauging and prioritizing emerging media such as local search is vital to capturing increased business in a cost efficient manner. Meet the local advertiser of today and tomorrow.
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Cuil New Search Engine Launches
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 28, 2008

Cuil, pronounced “cool,” has officially launched. All the kool kids are talking about it. The question is whether anyone will use it. As a new search engine, Cuil is a longshot. It’s no Google Killer. Check out Google needs the competition. But don’t expect a revolutionary search experience. The results …
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Yahoo Updates Ad Performance Reports for Sponsored Search Accounts
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 28, 2008

Yahoo has released updates to the ad performance reports for sponsored search accounts. First up, three columns have been added to the report. They are: Ad ID column — This column displays your Ad’s ID number.Ad: This column provides a visual representation of your ad, including its title, short description …
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Liana Evans of KeyRelevance on social media optimization (SMO)
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 28, 2008

One of the people that you will want to hear speak at SES San Jose is Liana Evans of KeyRelevance. Li is the director of Internet marketing at KeyRelevance and a member of the “Successful Tactics for Social Media Optimization (SMO)” panel on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008, at 1 …
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Social Networking and Employees: Where Do You Draw the Line?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 28, 2008

With the rise of social networking, employers are left wondering if or how the trend affects their bottom line. Many have decided that Facebook and MySpace in the workplace are not appropriate (for content or productivity reasons) and have banned the sites from being accessed at their offices. To which I …
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China’s Posts 600% Jump in Profit
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 28, 2008

Chinese internet portal has announced $40.2 million in second quarter profit, up 600% over the same quarter in 2007. The news comes in the wake of results posted by Chinese search engine Baidu, which saw profits rise 87% in Q2 2008. The big boost in profits for both companies …
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Microsoft’s Navic Networks Partners with Mediabrands
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 28, 2008

Microsoft’s recently acquired Navic Networks has announced a new partnership with Mediabrands, a new group of four companies: Initiative, Universal McCann, MAGNA and IPG’s Emerging Media Lab. The media companies will have access to Navic’s Admira, a national media planning tool that includes audience behavior data and real-time viewership reporting. We …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Updated features launched in July Jul 25, 2008
All, I want to let you know about a couple of new features we added today. *Ad Performance Report Enhancements* We’ve added three new data columns to the Ad Performance Report: * Ad ID: your ad’s ID number. * Visual representation of the ad: your ad’s title, short description and display URL. * Destination URL …
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How long to see results? Jul 24, 2008
I know there is no real good answer to this question, but I would like to hear feedback from personal experience….how long does it generally take before you see the effects of your link building? I know there are all sorts of variables, but for instance I have been …
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Publishing Content Jul 23, 2008
I’ve posted a similar thread before, JimBeetle, forgive me, but I need more answers if anyone can help…:o _Syndication of Content:_ 1.Are we correct to assume that if we are the author of content, and the article differs some from the content on our homepage, this is not duplicate content? 2. If we …
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