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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron

Maintaining Your Company’s Image in the SERPs
Is your company the victim of bad press, or a concerted campaign to push your site down in the SERPs? By building alternative media types, and linking to compelling content about your company on other sites, you can often clear up the majority of the unwanted press by moving it down through the rankings.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

SEO Site Review: Custom Creations, Unlimited
Mark Jackson performs his quarterly SEO site review, and this time the subject promises to implement his recommendations. Like many Web sites, it isn’t in bad shape from a SEO perspective, but it is a great example of the importance of the little things.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Use Humor for Link Marketing
Humor is a great form of content that will give people a reason to link to your content, and help it spread virally. The challenge for most sites is coming up with something funny. Here are some ideas that can be used by everyone, regardless of the size of your marketing budget.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Porn and Gambling: Canaries in the SEM Coal Mine?
Many advances in marketing on the Web are the result of spending by the profitable and competitive porn and gambling industries. Recent lawsuits in both industries might help us again, by pointing out some specific areas for marketers to keep an eye on.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google and Yahoo Revise Ad Partnership in Hopes of Winning Over DOJ
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 4, 2008

Google and Yahoo have revised their search advertising partnership in the hopes of winning over the DOJ. Primarily, the deal has been reduced from 10 to 2 years and a cap has been placed that would restrict Yahoo to only being able to bring into 25% of their search advertising …
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An Update on Last Week’s AdWords Updates
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 4, 2008

Last week, we reported that AdWords was making updates to Quality Score and Ad Rank. The update included how ad position affected click-through rates and factored into Quality Score. But many of us were not sure exactly what changed since ad position influence has been taken into account for awhile …
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Yahoo! Live to Go Dark
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 4, 2008

Yahoo! Live, a live streaming video product build on Brickhouse, will stop broadcasting December 3, 2008. In a statement on the Yahoo! Live blog, the Keith Thornhill said: Our mission here on the Brickhouse team is to quickly develop product ideas that can add value to Yahoo! as a whole. To …
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Moore and Warms Out, Dossett In at Yahoo
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 4, 2008

Scott Moore and Al Warms are leaving Yahoo, while Jeff Dossett is joining the Sunnyvale search engine. Dossett replaces Moore, who headed up Yahoo!’s media group. Al Warms headed up Yahoo News, Tech and Education, and came to Yahoo through the acquisition of Buzztracker. “Jeff is one of the country’s most …
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Yellowbook and YouTube Enter Content Distribution Partnership
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 4, 2008

Yellowbook’s video advertisers will now be showcased on YouTube via a content partnership agreement between the two. This is indeed an interesting partnership as yellow pages publishers attempt to transition their business online and YouTube continues its attempt to bring home the bacon for Google. â””Weâ””re pleased to be the first …
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JP Morgan Lowers Search Ad Growth Estimates
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 3, 2008

JP Morgan Internet analyst Imran Khan is lowering projections for search ad spend for 2008 and 2009. The forecast for 2008 growth is now 23.4% year-over-year, down from earlier projections at 27.4%. The forecast for 2008 is a dismal 17.3%, down from 25.5%. Khan sees specific sectors as being hit harder …
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The Number of Small Businesses Using Social Media to Double in 12 Months
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 3, 2008

The number of small businesses using deeply integrated social networking services will double in the next year, according to projections by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc. Currently, there are about 300,000 small businesses engaged in social networking, which is 5% of the total number of small businesses in the …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

SEO friendly Web Hosts Nov 4, 2008
I’ve spent a lot of time researching a new web host. The one I had my heart set on ends up having a lot of bad recent feedback and a not so good better business bureau rating. No links needed but can anyone post or PM hosts they have had …
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Google Algorithm Update Oct 2008 Nov 4, 2008
Hi All, Did anyone notice change in Google search listings?, keywords shuffling has been seen in but not in local Google like, so on Also results are not upto for top competitive keywords, Google lists sites with no quality content and less popularity Any testing going on, …
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“sculpting” PR – good or bad idea? Nov 2, 2008
If Im trying to improve a site’s internal link structure for SEO-purposes I thought it’d be a good idea to work it like this (in this particular order): 1. Can I change this link without having any negative/unwanted effect on humans navigating this website? 2. If it does not then can …
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