SearchDay: Branding is Dead; Long Live SEO

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Ryan
Google’s Superiority Complex
» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practices
In the end, is Google’s search advertising system better than Yahoo’s, or are they just monetizing better? It sounds like a little bit of both, but we shouldn’t count Yahoo out.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Tim Ash
Emotional Motivators in Landing Page Optimization
» BY THE NUMBERS: Understanding Web Analytics and ROI
Visitors will arrive at your Web site with their own needs, perspectives, and emotions. Since you don’t know much about them individually, here’s how you can influence them collectively with the design of your site.
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Branding is Dead; Long Live SEO
Posted by Eli Feldblum
There’s been a lot of talk recently about how SEO is dead, and branding will rise out of its ashes. I have to disagree. If anything, branding is the marketing technique on its way out.
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Advertisers Can’t Sell Hard Liquor, But Google Can?
Posted by Frank Watson
Google AdWords has a strict no advertising rule for hard liquor, as they call it. But it appears as though Google is promoting vodka sellers with the top entry.
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Consumers OK with Social Ads, But Rarely Find Them Targeted
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Consumers are fine with ads on social networks, but do not find them targeted to their needs and desires, according to a new Prospectiv survey.
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Obama Needs You! Obama Campaign Endorses Search Engine Watch Jobs Board
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Barack Obama needs internet marketers to win the Presidential Election. So his campaign wisely advertised on the Search Engine Watch Jobs Board.
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Google News Clusters: Keep ‘Em Un-Separated
Posted by Nathania Johnson
The Google News team has improved the “clusters” in their search results: similar news stories that are grouped together.
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Student Searches: The Top 15 Searches for the K-12 Set
Posted by Nathania Johnson
What are your kids searching for during the school day? NetTrekker d.i. has released data about the top 15 in-school searches for the first quarter of 2008.
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Search Engine Watch Forums Names Chris Boggs Associate Editor
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Chris Boggs, manager of Search Engine Optimization for Brulant, has joined Search Engine Watch Forums as Associate Editor.
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Yahoo Chief Scientist Andrew Tomkins Interviewed by Eric Enge
Posted by Kevin Heisler
SEW Expert Eric Enge published a terrific interview on his Stone Temple blog with Yahoo Chief Scientist Andrew Tomkins, who keynoted SES New York.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

SEO vs. Design: the Process and the Predicament
Posted by Marcia
How do you tell the site owner that their new (or newly designed) site that they paid so much for is a search engine disaster? How do you deal with the designer whose hard work needs to be redone without stepping on their toes?
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Landing Page Load Times are Here!
Posted by abbottsys
Starting today, load time evaluations for AdWords landing pages will be displayed on the Keyword Analysis page, for your review. Starting mid-June, landing page load time will be incorporated into your Quality Score.
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Joomla and Drupal
Posted by savantcreative
Does anyone have experience with Joomla or Drupal? Which is easier to use and optimize for someone who knows HTML and CSS only?
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