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SEW Expert - William Flaiz William

Universal Search: The (War) Elephant in the Room
When the ancient Romans tried to defend themselves from Hannibal’s war elephants, they learned that they needed to throw away their old ideas about war and learn to work together. If universal search is the search marketer’s war elephant, we must realize that focusing all efforts in harmony is the only way to properly address the challenges it presents.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

Build Your SEM Network — Get LinkedIn
How does one go about getting a job in search, or enhancing their career as a search professional? A partial answer to this question is to use a social networking tool like LinkedIn, where professionals link to one another’s resume-like profiles.
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SEW Expert - Elisabeth Osmeloski Elisabeth

Travel Brands Walking a Social Media Tight Rope
As if major airlines don’t have enough trouble these days, two well-known brands are in the midst of a very public online reputation management crisis. Internal corporate communications must catch up to the new platform — and fast. We’re still seeing effects of internal PR groups attempting to control the conversations, and put forth very specific messaging. It simply doesn’t work in this new social environment.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris

SES Chicago 2008 Invitation and Primer
An exciting agenda, several SEM experts, great speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities await in Chicago for the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo. Will we see you there?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google CEO Schmidt Will Not Be Obama’s CTO
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 10, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama ran on a technology platform that included creating a new cabinet-level position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Many names have been thrown around as possibilities with the most prevalent of them all being Google CEO Eric Schmidt. But Schmidt says that’s not going to happen. He’s happy at …
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LinkedIn Combines Social and Search in New Events Feature
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 10, 2008

LinkedIn has announced yet another launch. This time it’s a robust Events feature that includes social and search to boot. Members will receive recommendations for events that match their profile. These can be found on the Events homepage. Events can be searched for by industry, date, and location. You can see who on …
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AOL’s Platform-A Collaborates with T-mobile for 2 Day, Billion Impression Ad Blitz
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 10, 2008

AOL’s Platform-A has collaborated with T-mobile for a two day ad blitz. The campaign will have the mobile carrier buying 1 billion impressions over the two day time frame, which is expected to reach 81.5 million consumers. Platform-A currently reaches 90% of the U.S. internet audience. What will be advertised? The …
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AT&T Launches Online Video Search Site,
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 10, 2008

AT&T is getting into the online video search game. They’ve launched, which indexes videos from thousands of video sites. Users can organize videos into collections, which can be shared through social networking widgets. “We want to do everything possible to connect customers to the content they want, and today more …
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SES Chicago Delegates: â””Who Are Those Guys?â””
Posted by Greg Jarboe Nov 10, 2008

Search Engine Strategies Chicago starts in four weeks on Dec. 8, 2008. Since SES Chicago is the only SEM conference in the Midwest, it is expect to attract more than 2,000 attendees, or â””delegates.â”” But as Butch Cassidy frequently asked the Sundance Kid, â””Who are those guys?â”” In the past, …
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hiogi to Provide Q&A for Skype
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 10, 2008

hiogi has been tapped to provide a Q&A search for Skype. This will allow Skype users to ask search questions and get answers directly through Skype. This can be done via mobile or desktop. “hiogi for Skype mobile is the easiest way to receive quick answers while traveling,” says Bjoern Behrendt, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Circular or Reciprocal Nov 10, 2008
Does anyone have an opinion on using circular linking versus the good ol’ reciprocal linking? Or perhaps how to keep a link circle unbroken?
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New Google Analytics Homepage Nov 8, 2008
Apparently there will be a new homepage feature on Google Analytics that shows all your sites’ traffic in one screen – “The New Account Management Dashboard”. Sounds great, but I still haven’t seen it. Has anyone else?
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Flash website Nov 6, 2008
Would flash website indexed on google. If not what is the solution. I want to build a flash website but same time am looking search engine optimization…
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