Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Links to this week’s topics from search engine forums across the web.

MSN Keywords?

“MSN has no agreement with anyone for purchasing keywords. That should give you the information you need.”

Promoting An Ecommerce Site?
Webmaster World

“I would like to find out what everyone does to promote an ecommerce site.”

Make Your Competitors Go Belly Up With Overture
Cre8asite Forums

“…in poker, the value of the pot always rises in line with the bids, while in PPC, the reverse is often true. The more you bid, the smaller the profits you’ll get from winning the bidding.”

High Rankings Forum

“Just because a certain phrase doesn’t have 40 million searches per month doesn’t mean you should ignore it. A good case in point from something we did a few weeks ago…”

Distributed Directories on the Way?
Webmaster World

“I welcome and encourage anyone who wants to take a shot at diversifying the way information is found on the web. The constant web hindrance to any webmaster is the gatekeeper called Google, do you love to have your efforts tied so tightly to that machine? Diversification in any form is probably a good thing…”

Outsourcing…..Any Implications for SEOs?
High Rankings Forum

“There’s a lot in the U.K. press at the moment about outsourcing of jobs to India and elsewhere. …Do you reckon that a good area to specialise in is going to be local SEO [search engine optimization”, for small businesses, where they value seeing you face to face?”

More Mozilla Firebird Search Plugins Found

“I was talking … about the Mozilla Firebird browser which has a built in search form. You can add all sorts of SE’s [search engines” to it, from to The British Museum. There are over 500 plugins. Google comes as the default. …I would love to see more of the small search engines add plugins to Firebird as well as my favorite directories. Hint hint, nudge nudge.”

Top 10 Rankings In 10 Days?!, How is it possible?
High Rankings Forum

“Here’s how they do it. The engines on their list include Excite and InfoSpace. These use PPC [pay per click” ads WITHIN their results. So all they have to do is buy PPC ads and then show you 50 top 10 rankings in those engines and the others that mix ads with search results, and they have fulfilled their guarantee. Any guinea pig SEO could do it.”

Blocking PDF Files from Being Indexed
Best Practices Forums

“AltaVista indexed the PDF [Portable Document Format” files on our website. Is there a way to tell its spider to skip PDF files?”

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me!, Did You See This?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve always thought that the term ‘search engine optimization’ was a nice one. It’s not ‘search engine maximization’ — getting all the SE [search engine” traffic you can. It’s about making trade-offs that produce the optimal results for the business.”

Hi, I’m the Mooter CEO
Cre8asite Forums

“Thanks for noticing us so quickly. We didn’t get everything perfect, but figured we had to go live to figure it out. We got taken up by the Australian press a bit harder than we imagined, and have had much more traffic than expected. so apologies for the bugs! We do a fair bit of conceptual processing behind the clusters, and also do some dynamic personalization which is virtually invisible. Am open to (most!) Q’s [questions”.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

SearchDay Week in Review

Local Search Part 4: Major Search Engines On Yellow Pages
SearchDay, Nov. 13, 2003

Local search is the current hot topic in the industry, but has it really arrived? Executives from Yahoo, AOL, LookSmart, Terra Lycos and Muller Medien debate the hype vs. reality of local search.

Who Runs the .GOV and .EDU Domains?
SearchDay, Nov. 12, 2003

Unlike most other top-level domains, .gov and .edu are restricted to government and educational institutions. Who’s in charge of these protected domains?

The Art of Advanced Link Building
SearchDay, Nov. 11, 2003

Advanced link building strategies are critical for achieving high rankings in search engines, according to two noted experts and representatives from Google and Teoma.

Search Engine Marketing Webinar
SearchDay, Nov. 10, 2003

An overview of a webinar that took place on Thursday, Nov. 13.

Search Headlines

Old people like the internet Nov 14 2003 1:45PM GMT
Customers rage at Google tweak
CNET Nov 14 2003 12:01PM GMT
Study claims online job search sites may violate privacy laws Nov 14 2003 11:27AM GMT
Yahoo dangles GBP30,000 ad lure
Netimperative Nov 14 2003 10:35AM GMT
Ad Groups Urge Congress To Pass Anti-Spam Law
AtNewYork Nov 14 2003 9:12AM GMT
Google AdSense Troubleshooting And Optimization: Best Real-World Tips Nov 14 2003 1:15AM GMT
MSN to Display Overture Listings Through 2005
About Web Search Nov 13 2003 6:44PM GMT
Search Engine Strategies Chicago
About Web Search Nov 13 2003 6:44PM GMT
Espotting snatches ITV deal from Overture
Netimperative Nov 13 2003 4:38PM GMT
Beyond High Search Engine Rankings
High Rankings Nov 13 2003 4:07PM GMT
‘Outcry’ from Internet community triggers rare patent review
Seattle Times Nov 13 2003 3:16PM GMT
Three years in prison for file swapping?
ZDNet Nov 13 2003 3:14PM GMT
Asia’s online advertising revenue up 3-folds by 2007: IDC
Singapore Business Times Nov 13 2003 2:19PM GMT
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