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Search Engine Watch Expert - Erik Qualman
Social Media = Society’s Watchdog
» BRAND EQUITY: Increasing brand value, customer trust, and profits
Are social networks so powerful to cause an adjustment in personal and corporate behavior on a macro level? You bet your camera phone they are. For companies and individuals, it’s necessary to live your life as if everyone is watching…since they probably are.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Justilien Gaspard
There Are No Free Links: Budgeting Resources for SEO Link Building
» LINK LOVE: Link building strategies for SEO success
There’s no such thing as a free link. The amount of time and resources to invest for link development depends on the profits your company stands to make from top rankings. And being realistic about your available resources, budget, and goals will save you from unnecessary frustration, and produce better results.
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New Updates and Publishers for Yahoo! Buzz
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo! Buzz updated with new features last night. And it’s no wonder publishers are jumping on the Yahoo! Buzz bandwagon. So far, the service has sent almost 50 million referrals to their subset of publishers from the “Buzzing Now” links that appear on the “Featured” section on the homepage.
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DoubleClick Mobile Integrates with Mobile Ad Networks
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Just one week after Google announced mobile image ads, the newly acquired DoubleClick is announcing the integration of its mobile ads with mobile ad networks. The networks are AdMob, Google AdSense, and Millenial Media’s Mbrand and Decktrade networks.
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Pimp My Site: Tweaking High Traffic Landing Pages
Posted by Nathania Johnson
When you have a page that is bringing in a lot of eyeballs, it may be tempting to just leave it alone. Cliches become mantras: “Let sleeping dogs lie.” “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
The problem is that if your traffic isn’t converting, then your landing page is, in fact, broken.
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Live Search Team Gives Insight into Product Search Updates
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Recently, Microsoft updated the Product Search Experience, part of its Live Search offering. Now they’re giving insight into the specific updates included, via the Live Search blog.
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Google Adwords: TV Ads for Everyone!
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google TV Ads have been in private beta since last summer, but now they’re groomed and prepped and available for U.S. customers. Why in the world should a search marketer such as yourself care about TELEVISION? I’m so glad you asked.
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Microsoft Board Meets, Indicates Higher Bid for Yahoo
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Late yesterday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal got word of a Microsoft board meeting. And ever since they reported the news, the speculation and rumor mills have been working overtime.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

A/B Split Tests While Starting a New Campaign
Posted by crocwatcher
Any thoughts on the timing of running A/B split tests with a new campaign. Should I be concerned about one of my split test pages being too short (long form vs. short form landing pages) and therefore lacking enough content to get good quality scores, and hurting my cost per click if the campaign is new and prices are still dropping on a daily basis?
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Does Meta Data Within Images Count in Search?
Posted by PennyPracticesSEM
Apparently, the question of the relevance of the meta data embedded within the image (jpg) for search engine relevance and ranking is a debated topic. Does it even matter to have meta data for your image since the ALT text and title already has pull?
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Microsoft Can Never, Ever Go Up Against AdWords!!
Posted by abbottsys
Think about it for a moment.. what exactly is Microsoft trying to do by offering $44 Billion for Yahoo? They want to springboard into a market that has slipped away from them i.e. search marketing. But it’s too late, the Google AdWords platform, with it’s superb Search *and* Content Network, is just to far ahead to catch.
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