Search Engine Milestones for October 2003

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month. Announcements without links to online versions were received via email.

Warning: The links and descriptions below are from official press releases, and may contain marketing hyperbole, claims or euphemisms not necessarily endorsed by Search Engine Watch.

October 1

Fast To Power Search Capabilities For Allegis Group

Fast Search & Transfer today announced Allegis Group is deploying FAST Data Search to power the search capabilities on the next generation of, its online recruitment site.

October 6

Dogpile Search Engine Introduces New Toolbar Features

Dogpile announced the launch of an updated version of the Dogpile Search Toolbar with new features including a scrolling news ticker with headlines from, a pop-up ad blocker and Cursor search that lets users a search on a word or phrase within any Web page by simply highlighting it and right-clicking their mouse.

October 7

America Online and Google Announce Expanded Alliance as AOL Enhances Search Capabilities

The companies have extended their marketing agreement, enabling Google to continue providing AOL and CompuServe members and users of AOL.COM and Netscape its targeted paid search listings product. America Online also announced a variety of improved search capabilities.

LookSmart Launches Bid-for-Placement Search Product

The new product enables advertisers to target their campaigns by bidding for the terms that are core to their business. The Company also announced that it is distributing Sponsored Listings across a network of partners that includes CNET, Road Runner, InfoSpace,, Cox Internet, and Alltel.

Pricegrabber’s Announces New “Shopping List” Feature

PriceGrabber’s Shopping List takes a list of items and calculates the best price available, whether that be from a single merchant or from multiple merchants.

October 13

Go Toast Offers Holiday Shopping Promotion for Online Advertisers

The promotion package supports Go Toast subscribers’ online holiday marketing programs with a free subscription to its Intellidex and MasterList services until December 31, 2003, and access to the major online shopping sites. The company also announced the addition of a Mass Update Tool to its BidManager online advertising keyword bidding system.

October 14 Updates Internet Business Promoter Program

The new program combines seven web site promotion tools in one software program. It covers all aspects of ethical search engine optimization and web site promotion.

Metrobot Llc Releases Map Based Search Engine & City Guide

Metrobot employs a user interface that depicts a network of road segments and associated businesses listings in major U.S. cities. The roads are displayed in a straightened and aligned manner with businesses appearing on either side.

xrefer Launches Research Mapper

The Research Mapper is a visual map that displays how search terms and topics in xreferplus are interconnected. A public version of the Mapper is available at

October 15

Google Alert Enhances Automated Search Service

Google Alert’s free service tracks anything on the web by automatically running daily Google searches and sending email alerts when new results appear. The new release adds features for integrating search results into web pages and desktops.

October 16

Yahoo Introduces Smartsort Technology: Personalized Product Recommendation Tool

SmartSort helps narrow the search for a specific product by taking a broad category like digital cameras, which has hundreds of choices, and asking a user to rank criteria (i.e. price, brand, optical zoom) according to importance. SmartSort then instantly recommends the top ten models based on the selected criteria.

October 17

Overture and Microsoft Extend Search Distribution Relationship in the U.S. and UK

Under the terms of the new deal, the companies have entered into a paid placement search agreement to provide Overture search results to U.S. and UK users of MSN Search. The agreement provides for the companies to potentially expand into additional countries.

October 20

MetaCrawler Search Engine Launches Improved Interface and New Features

MetaCrawler announced the introduction of a streamlined user interface and several new features, including “Refine your Results”, a browser-based search toolbar, integrated people and business finder and the ability to sort results by the engine or by relevance.

Nordstrom to Deploy FAST Data Search

Fast Search & Transfer announced that Nordstrom, Inc. has signed an agreement to deploy FAST Data Search to power the search capabilities of its e-commerce site.

October 29

KnowledgeStorm Opens Online Research Center

KnowledgeStorm, a search site for IT product, service, reseller and hardware information, today launched its Online Research Center, offering white papers, webinars and case studies for technology buyers.

October 30

Espotting Media Announces New Growth Figures

Espotting’s advertiser base is now 20,000 in Q3 2003, up from a previously quoted advertiser figure of 16,000, and volume base of queries has grown to 1 billion in September 2003, up from a previously quoted figure of 850m per month.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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