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Free $50 AdWords Credit via Yahoo

“…it seems odd to me that Yahoo would provide a free $50 AdWords sign up credit next to their own Overture incentive. While I assume most will opt for both, putting your customer into your competitors system seems counter productive. Is Yahoo up to something – and perhaps won’t drop their relationship with Google?”

Lycos to Use AdWords
Webmaster World

“…the title of this thread isn’t really correct. This is about a new deal for AdSense — the contextual ads — on Terra Lycos sites in the US. It’s not involving AdWords, the traditional paid listings product. And Terra Lycos has an interest in Lycos Europe, but Lycos Europe still calls its own shots. Lycos Europe is simply amazing. They have these general deals…”

What Is Web Copy?
High Rankings Forum

“It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. If you can’t show/tell the visitor what you can do for them and what end results they’ll get after working with you or buying your product you might as well cancel your hosting and close it all down.”

Keywords in a URL
Webmaster World

“Can Google read the keyword in Is it better to have”

Resubmitting to Dmoz? How to Correct a Bad Description?
High Rankings Forum

“In an attempt to change the listing, find something that is factually incorrect about the description, or implies something the company or website is not. Then, craft a suggested description to include with your request, but ONLY use one or two of the best keywords at most, because if you try to pack it with keywords, it won’t get changed at all.”

Java Menus or Text Menus

“I’d recommend a row of text links at the bottom of a page, or at the very least, a text link to an all-text site map so that you’re not inadvertently turning anyone away at the door, be they search engine spider or human visitor.”

Developing a Score Card for Keywords
Best Practices Forums

“I wanted to discuss the factors that should be considered when selecting key phrases, their relation and possibilities of organizing them in a system.”

Zeal – How Valuable?
High Rankings Forum

“I know how widespread results are in Open Directory, and the value that can provide to a properly listed site. Can anyone tell me about the reach of Zeal in comparison?”

Opinions on Froogle
High Rankings Forum

“Would it be worth the hassle of sending them a feed? I am webmaster for an [e-commerce” site and am wondering if more of our pages would be indexed in the regular Google web search if I sent a feed to Froogle.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

LookSmart Sponsored Listings To Take On Google & Overture
SearchDay, Oct. 2, 2003

LookSmart has relaunched its Sponsored Listings program using a new bid-for-placement model, a move it hopes will let the company win distribution partners from rivals Overture and Google, as well as increase its advertising revenues.

Search Engine Milestones for September 2003
SearchDay, Oct. 1, 2003

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

A Personal Search Engine for the Web and Your Computer
SearchDay, Sept. 30, 2003

Dynago DART combines a crawler, search engine and content analyzer that lets you organize, re-use and discover new patterns in your own personal information.

Using Google to Search Your Personal Blogsphere
SearchDay, Sept. 29, 2003

Adding a free ‘blogs I read’ search box to your own weblog provides your readers with an easy way to use Google to search the web, your site or just the blogs you read.

Search Headlines

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LookSmart Enters Paid Listings Fray Oct 3 2003 5:07AM GMT
Lexis and Westlaw Changes and Wishlist Oct 3 2003 4:08AM GMT
Future Yahoo searches will give more control to shoppers Oct 3 2003 1:33AM GMT
Pay attention, consultant urges: Not all search marketing is created equal Oct 3 2003 1:33AM GMT
Not The Public’s Domain Oct 3 2003 1:22AM GMT
LookSmart reintroduces bid-for-placement ads
CNET Oct 2 2003 9:22PM GMT
Google shafts blogger, adds gagging clause to Adsense
The Register Oct 2 2003 8:01PM GMT
Yahoo links up with Microsoft for games
CNET Oct 2 2003 5:05PM GMT
New York, Yahoo settle marketing privacy suit
USA Today Oct 2 2003 8:34AM GMT
Yet another online music service to launch Oct 2 2003 8:21AM GMT
LookSmart Looking to Trump Yahoo Move Oct 2 2003 8:06AM GMT
Diller Firm Searches Google Deal
New York Post Oct 2 2003 7:53AM GMT
Google Gets Personal Oct 2 2003 7:21AM GMT
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